Will Full 30 be next ?

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wearebreitbart Web hosting service and Amazon partner GoDaddy allegedly removed AR15.com from its servers, forcing the site to shift to a backup URL to say visible.

The Washington Examiner reported that AR15.com presents itself as “the world’s largest online firearm community.” It is a place where members can get ask each other questions about guns and gun accessories, and enjoy a vibrant exchange of ideas related to the Second Amendment. But the site is now searching for a new hosting service.

AR15 used a Facebook post to announced the situation:

The Examiner notes that Amazon “kicked Parler off its cloud-based server” shortly after President Trump moved to that platform from Twitter and numerous conservatives moved with him. GoDaddy moved “the bulk of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services” in 2018, and now AR15.com is seeking a new home.

President-elect Joe Biden has plans to ban the purchase of AR-15s and any other commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles that Democrats label “assault weapons.” He made this clear during an August 6, 2019, CNN interview. BY: @awr_hawkins

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dennispoley_ :rage:

alwaysonthemove0425 @blowndeadline the f they will. Their wet dream of total submission of the right will never happen



Good opportunity here for some deep pocket type people who oppose censorship in general.
Talking to you Elon Musk.


Or Trump


guess this happens all over the western world right now…


You won’t see help coming from that direction, a government created oligarch, he’ll never bite the hand of the master but if he does better watch out cause there’s another motive.


Coming January 20th…Welcome to the New United States of Soviet America.


he Supreme Court is our last line of defense, Makes Trumps picks look real important now don’t they, RIP…RBG


They voted against him the other day on something. they are traitors.


I meant on 2A matters


If SCOTUS is our last hope then it’s hopeless. They have been compromised for at least a couple decades.
Honestly WE are our last hope, the government that got us hear is not going to help, they will say it is help when we beg for it but ask yourself when is the last time the federal government actually helped a situation?
They may be doing us a favor by censoring and shutting down platforms, we really need to focus on local solutions so by their actions they give us nothing else but local to focus on. Get with your state reps, your county supervisors, your city government, help your community arrive at consensus solutions so you are not standing alone.


I have long said it all starts local, Imagine the monkey wrench you can toss in the local machine. I have my poor wife all worried because I said I was running for our local school board next election. Now those would be some interesting meetings. Our kids have been brainwashed long enough and they are our future voters, ever see what they are teaching in your local schools or more to the point what they are not teaching. I think you are right about the need to focus on local solutions, I feel bad for the guys who live in the big cities, but I think or at least hope there are still more of us than there are of them. I really hate to think about the alternative.


Government is the issue , not the solution. I dont bother with any of them. The only real chance of surviving is through small communities banding together but thats not happpening, its literally two sides arguing over politics to a point of possible civil war. After one side loses then the Gub will have no reason to keep the other around and they will step in and on them.


I did ask for an appropriate reply for this thread, I was told one would be sent out and got the ok to share this abbreviated version.

Full30 does not rely upon any of the big tech companies who are censoring people. We decided to build our own platform using our own servers and network, so as not to be reliant on any specific service or provider.

Many of you that have been around already knew this, certainly looks like a prudent decision now.


parati semper


They should start thier own social media setup next “Full30 book”, has a nice ring to it.


That may be true but take it a step further, who says it will be our government that steps in when one side loses. Would not the “winner” be weak and ripe for the pickin? Just sayin


Our government is the one doing this so it will be them. Who else would even try? China might rule us one day but it won’t be from a Red Dawn scenario and it’ll be after our gub gets what they want.


Keep the retoric sane. We are enthusiasts and constitutional loyalists but not extremists. At least not in open conversation.


Tough to not think logically next the internet providers will censor, but I hope and pray not


I never mentioned anything extremist if that was in regards to my comments. The gov is the one pushing this stuff though, I want no part of either sides war over politics at this point. If anything its driving me to become a crochety old hermit boomer.