Will that be 45 or 9mm?


Here from the beautiful PNW albeit with a never ending onslaught of new dumb gun legislation. Found this page from Matt at the Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve FB page. Look forward to seeing where the page leads.


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Welcome and as for your question in the title, go .45 acp. There is a couple threads where we are always arguing about it, join in and feel free to take the .45 acps side in the arguement.


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Both are nice calibers.

For target practice, general plinking - I prefer the 9mm.

For personal defense, I prefer the .45 acp. However, I can see where military usage would be better served by the 9mm.


Its called NATO. If you talk to the guys that can choose what they run its 50/50.


Oh and:


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I have a caliber identity disorder. I wan’t them all. :heart_eyes:


Welcome EVnGuns from The Garden State LOL ! I sure hope the PNW doesn’t catch up with us !
I do know I’m not willing to volunteer as a test target for either caliber ! That’s my stand !