Enter to win this FN SCAR from Classic firearms I would love to hear that one of us won.

Click link to enter.


I see what you did there. You’re cheating. :wink: Trying to get multiple +762 entries everytime someone clicks the link. I’m on to you. :smiley:

How about we all help each other out? :cowboy_hat_face:


Now your up 762 chances

I’m in for 10


Post up your link so we can click on it. :slight_smile:


Don’t think it works that way, think the clicker needs to actually sign up to get the 762 additional entries,

and I’m content with 10 :sunglasses:

Good luck!


:cowboy_hat_face: Ditto


Only get the extra points if the person enters.

Besides, I want to win. :sunglasses:


Good luck to you as well :sunglasses:


I just want someone I know to win. And, well, I know me.


It I win I’ll trade it for something of yours. Hah. Or maybe I keep it? Dunno. Looks like fun to shoot.


Not so much fun to shoot, more like sweet to shoot :lollipop:


I just can’t see past the Ug boot stock, but I still wouldn’t kick it out of my vault.


The ACR had a much better stock ,IMO.
If a better company couldve got ahold of that platform it couldve went places.


Bumping topic.




Yea the ACR got bounced around ALOT! it was a sad thing to see. To me its a little better than the SCAR. Much more affordable. Its failure was a result of the company not living up to its word. Kinda like a bad parent LMAO.




Four days left!!!