Winchester model 89

My dad’s 30.30 Winchester model 94 has taken its place at its new home with my big horn armory model 89. I had to sell my model 94 many years ago. That will not happen again.

My dad passed away on June 30th. For those paying attention, my birthday was June 29th. So ya, kind of a roller coaster weekend. He passed his 30.30 to me. I’m kind of sad that my son didn’t get one of grandpas guns. I plan to take this one apart and clean it all up and do a full restore on it. This one will be handed down to my son Tristan.


My father gave me all of his guns two months ago. He did it before he passes because he did not want people in the family who would just sale them to get them. I will not sale his guns but continue to use them. I have told my kids that none of them are to be sold or given to anyone who would.


Sorry to hear about your dad. You have a great memory of him though.
My dad gave me his 30-30 a few years ago after he got a defibrillator and the doctor told him no more shooting long guns.


Sorry about your loss, my condolences. Beautiful rifle though, It makes the AR15 look like a hot wheels lol


I’m sorry to hear about you dad!