Windage Adjustment on Yugo 59/66 (SKS)?


Here’s my dilemma: I purchased an “unissued” Yugo 59/66 a few years ago. It’s in absolutely beautiful condition with all matching numbers. Finish is about as close to 100% as can be, no visible barrel wear. It groups tight. Actually, it’s pretty impressive for what it is. The problem is windage. It groups about 2.5 moa right. I have no more adjustment on the front post. Are they any options for a windage adjustable rear sight like the one on an RPK? Will an RPK sight fit?
How about the aftermarket rear peep that fits on the dust cover and is secured via the rear pin? Do these hold zero reasonably well?
Any info is appreciated.


first at what range?
and why are you adjusting the windage off your front sight?


Hi @TheyCallmeVox
Some times people adjust in the wrong direction at first. I’ve done it and so has everyone else, so before spending money I would just try drifting the other direction for starters.
Is there any visible damage to the crown of the barrel?
Yes an RPK rear sight should fit just fine.

Note the RPK sight is the lower and the SKS sight is the upper one. You should have no problem installing one, but please try drifting in the other direction first.


First, the Yugo 59/66 windage adjustment is on the front sight, like an AK/AKM, which is why I’m asking what I’m asking.
Secondly, it’s off 2.5 moa. Minute of angle (moa) explains exactly how much I’m off. This measurement tells you how much I’m off at any distance.


Because a standard Yugo 59/66 is a SKS in design and all sight adjustments are done at the front sight post.


so your blade is pushed all the way to the right?
accept that they are sighted in at 100 metres, so did you sight it in at that range?
is your foresight canted, just because it appears unissued doesn’t mean it wasn’t knocked around.
are you canting it when you shoot
are the grouping /POI the same with your POA with different magazines.
Does the POI change with different ammo?
and finally if you hand the rifle to another shooter does it exhibit the same POA/POI


Well, it hits right consistently, so front blade is all the way right.
I did notice that it was set far right when I purchased it, so when it was zeroed by the armory, it’s far right impact was something they were trying to correct.
After shooting it and noticing I was hitting almost 6 moa right (let’s say about a heavy 5.5" at 100 yrds), I moved the front sight the rest of the way and was able to bring it in almost 3" at 100 yrds. Do the math though and I’m still off 2.5" at 100 (or approx. 2.5 moa constantly at all ranges).
If it helps to know, I was a police rifle and pistol instructor for a decade. I understand the mechanics of firearms well and I’m an ok shooter. Not the greatest, but I’m consistent. I own several rifles and I’m sure this one is off.
I think you’re on to something regarding the front sight being canted. If it is, IF, it’s not obvious upon visual inspection. I honestly think the rear sight is a bit off and that’s where my problem lies. That’s why I asked if anyone knows if an RPK rear sight fits (since it has windage adjustment) or if anyone has experience with the SKS rear receiver mounted peep sight.
I’m about to get some sleep, so I’ll be back on tomorrow to answer or address any comments.
Thanks for everyone checking out my post. We’ll get this thing situated sooner or later.


2 1/2 moa is pretty decent for an SKS at 100, so to bring it on center - without remounting your front sight, recutting the grooves and using larger pins why not just go with an optical sight. Just changing the rear sight might just aggravate you to a point of hatred because it really doesn’t solve the problem and could contribute to a wandering zero as the barrel heats up.


I only run RPK rear Leafs on all my rifles


This site only exist as an internet archive but there is lots of useful information on various surplus weapons.

Adjusting SKS sights.

Be sure to get the correct tools for adjusting the windage on the Yugo SKS if you decide to go that way as the front sight post on the Yugo SKS is slightly larger than other SKS rifles. You can also just make your own adjustment tools using various items you might have lying around.

You can find a tool here if you need one.

Personally I ended up replacing my front sight post on all my SKS rifles with a which will work with the standard SKS front sight tool.


Here is an unconventional backyard fix I used to do for the canted AK sights.
Open the rear sight slot slightly, filing out material from the side that will bring the front sight into proper alignment with the center of the rear slot when properly zeroed. Makes for a slightly wider rear sight slot, but I found that it worked very well for me. I used a laser bore sight in the garage to get it close initially. Just another option.