Winter Video Schedule

As winter comes into full swing. I am going to take the time to make some more classroom videos.
We will be covering most of the major components of the AK47 in our Home AKnomics 101 series.
We will be going further in depth later in 201 series at another time. Patreon members will each receive classroom materials and study guides for the upcoming classes.

Also, I hope to have my drop gun put back together here in the next couple weeks. I have learned my lesson. The drop gun can only take so much before the receiver just says NO MORE!!
The next two victims will be U.S. Palm AK mags. Both the original AND the new century produced versions.

These are the two video series that I am working on for all platforms.

For Full30. I am working on a continued build series featuring a Romanian AKM that puts up a fight. Patreon members and I have a live Q&A afterwards and that all ends up in the final video. Full30 gets the early release of the segments that are not able to go onto YouTube. After some time they will also be found on Bitchute and other platforms as well. This series will likely bleed over into early 2021.

If anyone has any questions about any of the series or any projects they have seen in the past. feel free to ask.