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Ive got a ruger ranch bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62×39. Been pulling my hair out trying to decide on the best scope for my intentions with the gun. I know the cartridge has a limited range of kill for larger game, but it’ll do just fine on ground hog. If i were smarter, I could understand all the doping. However I’m wanting a bdc reticle compatible with the calibur with decent magnification, at least 12x. I don’t think anything under 12x will be useful 300-400yds for the tiny ground rodents. Any suggestions???


Yes. 1-6 yes I said 1-6 primary arms scope with an ACSS reticle. If I can hit a 12”x12x plate at 300 yards standing with a conservative 90% rate. You can smoke a ground hog. Remember at camp perry they us to shoot 1000 yards with 9 power scopes. You can range in seconds with it as well.

Value Optics

If… if you need a cheaper option you can go Leupold vx freedom 1-4 but you need to get the hog reticle. Trust me I shoot a lot. ALOT of 7.62x39.


I’ll check that out! Right now I just have a Nikon 6-18× with target dot I had laying around on it, shoots 1 1/2" groups at 200yds & 3-3 1/2" @300 yards. For every other use low magnification isn’t a concern, I just wasn’t sure if 6× was enough for the whistle pigs lol I’ll definitely put it under consideration. I have a lot of gun setups better suited for the task, but nowhere near as cheap to shoot as 7.62×39.


Very true on the ammo price. Have you ever used Golden tiger ammo?


Ive never heard of it. Pretty decent??


Amazing consistency and a very low flash considering the charge. I run it and cringe at the thought of using other 7.62x39.



Do you think it makes much difference between a scope with a parallax adjustment & a scope with a fixed parallax considering only shooting out to 400yds?


No. Not at that range. I don’t like that adjustment. You will only see it on high power optics, rarely seen on 3-9, 1-6, 1-4. It is one more thing to f- around with, a time waisted. That being said you need it for the more magnified optics to focus on an objective. One more pice of info. If the scope in question has a side knob for parallax adjustments there is generally 2 extra pieces of glass in the scope, this will cut down on light transmission. If you have a parallax adjustment on the end by the objective lense. There is only one extra glass piece in that scope equaling more light transmission. These only really become factors in the evening or failing light.


Thanks for the info!..


I would assume that if I’m placing my head down on the stock the same way every time behind the scope like I do, it should not be an issue, correct?


Zero. If you have 20/20 or less eye sight like 20/30, 20/45 you can adjust The ocular lens until the reticle is clear. Just look through the scope at the wall and adjust and lock The ocular lens. You should have no issue with focus on objects at distance with a scope with no parallax adjustment.


Get a Nikon Prostaff or Monarch BDC and pull up 7.62 x 39mm in your load or Muzzle velocity on the Spot-on website. Then make a little “cheater” range chart and glue it in the ocular Butler Creek flip up cap.

I have done this for a couple calibers and it works great.



Thanks, I’ll have to give that a look.


I’m aware its not a varmint round, I have excellent long range setups in 25-06, 5.56, 270 wsm, & 7mm mag. It’s just so cheap to shoot and pretty accurate, makes a fun mid range toy. I enjoy pushing rounds past their limits .


This is what I settled on & ordered, we’ll see how it works Saturday.



@LonewolfMcQuade I personally am a target shooter, but still may be able to help as I am an optic nut. I always recommend the vortex viper 6.5-20x44 (or 50 if you prefer, but I like the 44 to get the scope as close to the bore axis as possible ). I own 5 of these optics… I can’t resist at the consistent sale price of 3-$350 especially during holidays. The scope is available with a dead hold reticle. You can download the manual for the scope from the vortex website and they let you know where the drop lines correspond depending on if you are shooting .223 or .308 (they just break it down into small and large). I have personally found it to be very accurate out to 300 with 308 and .223 ( have not had it out any farther yet). I bought my first one 4 or 5 years ago (roughly) and have never had an issue. Optics are great at this price range and the vortex warranty is VERY good. Now this may be too large for your needs, but you did say "at least 12X. Also worth noting this is a second focal plane scope. In a nutshell this means the lines are only “accurate” at the highest magnification. HOWEVER: This is all relative. If you find you only use the scope at 12x, you can shoot to find where your point of impact is in relation to the drop reticle. Write this own, tape it to your arm…whatever you have to do. Good luck! :+1:



Sorry, I missed this…well you have my opinion for next time :wink:


Thanks for the info, I can guarantee this won’t be the last scope I need LOL guns multiply like rabbits in my safe


Anytime! Remember if you are ever doubting if you need a more expressive scope: Lifetime warranty makes it an INVESTMENT. Not just a purchase… so its ok to spend the extra :wink: