Wish I were smarter


I like my Prostaffs. Have them on a .223 Rem (my varmint rifle) and a .260 Rem (my deer rifle).

Make a little paper insert with the yardages for your pet load or ammo inside the lens cover (like Butler Creek) that fits inside the cap and is treated with waterproofing.

The other end of my deer scope I put a Tenebraex filter to prevent glare or shine. Because I try to get close and THEN shoot. :wink:


Yeah good stuff SG had it $204/1000 wednesday IIRC
BTW - I shot 5 box of the Red Army stuff I banked yrs ago.
All good - no FTF or eject. Good accuracy at 150 yds.


Oh I think your smart enough it’s just that things change faster than we want them to ?..:nerd_face:


Me too at the moment
I’m stacked but one can always eat more
I wish I would have been smarter this year and stack it deeper


I’ve bought so much over the years
That’s the real investment in guns
If you don’t have any your done you have a paper weight
I tell the old lady all the time of the house catches on fire take the kids and run


Lol, it be the end of my neighborhood!


Except they have had a harder time banning ammo. Mags and guns are the main target.


My philosophy brother
Is you can never have too much ammo
If you don’t have a lot
You should concentrate on that and change it
Sooner or later we won’t be able to buy it
Mark my words brother


I see guns being targeted more, look at the Clinton AWB. You could still find ammo but no guns or mags. I think there is a balance.


I have guns and mags and ammo
I ha e enough weapons
There all worthless without ammo


I need more ammo and guns.


A rifle a handgun
A shot gun for every adult in your home
5k for each rifle
2-3 12ga
And pistol rounds
I have a lot of pistol rounds
But every time I shoot 100-200 o feel like I gotta buy another case