Without The Second Amendment, This Is What Would Happen In America



I wish we could force people to read this.

“when the right to defend your life is stripped from you and placed in governments hands, government controls whose life has value and whose does not.” - important words here.


I would doubt we would go down that exact road.
This country was born in rebellion and civil war.
Less than a century later, we began another one.
As divided as our politics now are, we’re probably heading for another civil war, rather than dictatorship.
We are not Russia.
Anyhow, that’s my view.


Have to agree… but! If there are enough sheeple to vote and keep voting… we could find ourselves in a Venezuela type situation for a short amount of time. That would be a good wakeup call.
As for the link, it hit me with 5 pop ups… screw that.


there would be two countries - British North America and Mexico