Women need Guns


Women Need Guns https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2018/08/27/women-need-guns/


Thank you for this article. Just read through it and will be passing this along to my wife and her friends so they can spread it around.


I’m not sure I can get past:

Several weeks ago we learned the results of a new survey: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Read past that part. The meat and potatoes of the article is spot on. Screw the survey.


Ok, I book marked it for later


Thanks for sharing! Good article but unfortunately the left has been able to brainwash some people against guns to the degree that I personally know a woman who was beaten several times (despite a restraining order because, you know, paper is so effective) and locked in a trunk by her then boyfriend. Thankfully she managed to escape and he was arrested. However, she still is anti-gun and doesn’t think she would have been able to use one to protect herself. Because she managed to get through this situation without one she cannot understand why anyone else feels they would need one to protect themselves.


Wow, that’s sad.


Its like the Matrix movie, we have to free the minds

Seems thats no small thing, yes, very sad


I run into this all of the time. Some women are made to think that guns are not needed and that there are other methods to escape. Although the latter is true, a firearm increases your chances of escape drastically. Usually when I have a female friend who wants to try shooting but is nervous about it, I start them off with a really easy handgun with very little kickback so it makes the experience a little more rewarding. The Glock 19 has almost always been a good starter weapon in my opinion. Here are some other good handguns for women as well depending on how confident the handler is:



While I like the message I have to question that list on why it doesn’t have a PPQ high up on it? Vastly superior trigger to those other handguns on that list.

I would (and have) put down an XD, M&P, G19, compact 1911 and a PPQ on the range table for the new shooter to try. And with that letting the shooter decide what is the right “starter” weapon to get for them based on their experience just having used them and not influenced by anyone including me. If they aren’t satisfied with those then have them use others like CZ’s, Sig’s, wheelguns and etc. The point would be to be unbiased.


The first handgun I ever shot was an XD and I absolutely loved it. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness my friend put into choosing what he was going to start me out on and not using the opportunity to have a few laughs at my expense.

I’ve seen enough videos and heard enough personal accounts of women being handed guns with little instruction just for others to sit back and laugh at the reaction when she pulled the trigger. I’ve even had other women at the range look at me to confirm what their friend/boyfriend/husband is telling them is safe and true, especially when being handed a larger handgun.


Don’t let the guys try to intimidate you at the range! Women are often better shots than their husbands/boyfriends!

Local PD was using half the pistol range to practice so I asked if I could use the other half or would it bother them. Got a sure go ahead with some smirks…

I load up 6 mags and start on the flip down 6" plates at 25 yards, missed once first set of six then ran them for 2 more mags when I notice silence and stares form the guys. Then they packed and left grumbling because they were lucky to score 2 or 3 out of 6 shots…one stayed behind then came and asked me to critique what he was doing… I had him modify his stance and how he was holding the pistol and he immediately started hitting 4 of 6. I told him practice, not their twice a year qualification from 7 paces but do what I do and fire 1,000 rounds per month per pistol! Once that muscle memory develops move on to rifle and shotgun!


packs and grumbles away without comment


Is it a common problem, men trying to intimidate women at the range? I have not seen that at my local Club. Fact we have classes each week teaching & empowering dozens of women at a time & more signing up constantly.


@MaryB about @LonewolfMcQuade question.
I’d also be interested in how often you find women intimidated by men at the range or even just about guns in general?

Did you consider this attempted intimidation or just low expectations? Cuz it seems to me you ended up intimidating all but one of those cops.

And that I think gets to the root of this whole question.
What is generally perceived intimidation vs. intended.
That last cop wasn’t intimidated but rather saw an opertunity to learn and asked for help.

I think, most often, intimidation is a perception rather than an action.
You, I assume, we’re not trying to intimidate the cops. You were just there practicing and they “felt” intimidated.


Most of the club members are great, we have a few who need an attitude adjustment. The local PD are NOT club members, we let them use the range free of charge, they just have at arrange to have one of us there so they are our “guests” and we can unlock the gate.

And yes a couple of the PD guys were making snide comments as I was setting up… know how to load that thing? That thing in the loop is what you pull to fire it! etc. This PD is mostly really young guys who think their crap doesn’t stink. They have tried to bust me for factory window tint twice since the range trip they were at. Ford sold my truck into MN so the tint is MN legal. Last time the judge chewed their butt over all the window tint cases he was having to toss out of court from these 2 yahoos. Judge told them he was not accepting ANY window tint tickets from them until they get their meter certified(it is out test date), and they take a class on how to recognize factory window tinting.


packs and grumbles away without comment