Women's CC clothing


Have any of you tried concealed carry tank tops? I’ve recently seen leggings and shorts too. I’m a little shy to buy anything based solely on reviews but am exploring ways to carry on my person rather than in my bag. I have to dress business casual for work and often more on the business side so my outfits tend to be more fitted.

Any opinions or ideas are appreciated!


Can you wear tops that are not tucked in? I find the bottoms don’t matter much as long as you can wear a gun belt. But a top that hangs over the waist, that has some structure, and patterning helps.

Cotton or rayon are good materials, basically stay away from knits on top. Darker and patterned fabric also throws the eye off, so no one can tell you have a gun.


Thank you very much for sharing!

I did notice that I felt very comfortable carrying with an IWB holster when I wore a looser top with a floral pattern. I just don’t have a lot of options clothing wise that fit the loose/professional/patterned criteria. Maybe what I really need is new work clothes :grin:


I got some info for ya right here!

This lady’s Facebook page is dedicated to that topic and is quite the good page.


Thank you Brian! I’ve tried a thigh holster and have had success but the author has great points in that, and all, regards. I definitely felt like I needed to do a trial run at home a couple times before trusting it.

I don’t do Facebook but will have to check out the page you sent.

Have a great day!


Great call.

Everything should be tested before we trust our life in it.


The right arm, looks ready to draw…who’s behind the camera?


The pool boy?


@aly.bel check this lady out. I like her videos.

I have a Dene Adams corset holster but I find it to be too hard to draw from, though the concealment is very good. I’ve tried the can can as well and didn’t really like it. Im so round, it actually prints worse. I also don’t like the kidney carry position. But you might not have that problem. There’s also the lethal lace holster, not a fan either. But I think it might also be a size issue.

I’m actually thinking about my own version of a corset type, one where the gun doesn’t get swallowed up and is not so hot. I like the idea, gotta work on the design.


Thank you! It’s nice to get some different perspectives.


Dene Adams makes a great carry holster for women.



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