Wonder what gun ownership in Australia is like?

What happens when you get 2 Full30 Forum Members together? We talk guns of course!

I got a chance to talk with @HerdingCats about gun ownership in Australia. Although this podcast goes 2 hours… it is a gold mine of information about the “common sense” gun laws that the liberals here in the US want to push.

If you don’t have time to watch it here on Full30, you can catch it on most podcast platforms.


Nice, I hit the bookmark on this one, no way the Mrs would codon 2 hours off duty today :sweat_smile:


With the pre and post talking… @HerdingCats talked for almost 3 hours. That is saying something since we are 15 time zones away from each other.

So suck it up and dedicate 2 hours :slight_smile:


Common sense gun laws should only apply to the government they tend to be the most violent thugs in society.


You mean the organization who writes the rules about background checks that they themselves would never be able to pass?


It was an absolute pleasure to chat with TRB. As we both observed during the conversation, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I was speaking to a colleague today about my political party who advocates for law abiding shooters. We aren’t screaming for the disposal of all gun laws. That horse has bolted. What we do want are just and equitable laws in everything, and that especially isn’t the case with firearms. She replied “That’s right, because no one thinks about farmers and hunters and sporting shooters. All they think about is criminals.” I almost fell over, because it’s nice, just for once, for someone aside of a LAFO or gun advocate to see why we’re just trying to speak logically about laws. That’s how rare it is.