Woo Hoo!


Woo hoo.

Liberty Doll fan club

:heart_eyes: :love_letter:


I like the retro look.


Cool! I found her videos a few days ago. Is she on the forum too?


Yes, @LibertyDoll


I am! Just dont get on often between work and juggling my dozen or so other social media accounts, lol


she is a cool chick, looking forward to having her on my podcast soon.

Liberty Doll fan club

Looking forward to it myself :slight_smile:

So like…am I supposed to be posting on this fan page? lol


@LibertyDoll i don’t think it is a requirement or anything, i am new here myself but it seems a great way to network around the community.


Think of it as your own area. Post your videos, topics, etc.



Hilarious video (Lessons Liberals Taught Me…). Thank you for making it!

Also, very educational! I was not aware of some of those crazy accusations, though I am sure you are right about them as I have heard plenty of other crazy accusations made by them.