Working mans 1911


Whats the best value for a 1911 under $1200. These are most of the real popular ones. I consider Dan Wesson’s line-up the best value but they cost a bit more.

  • Kimber
  • SA (mil spec,loaded, or Range Officer)
  • Colt (1991, competition,xse, 70s series, rail gun)
  • Sig Saur
  • RIA
  • S&W E-series
  • Ruger SR1911& SR1911 watchman
  • Sti (entry model)
  • Other- please specify

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this looks to be a more efficient approach than what I took.

Thanks for the survey. Hope you get a lot more responses.


I believe Armscor makes the frame for them.


Cute but a bit disingenuous and possibly borderline bigoted. Here’s some info on them. Not exactly the “Kyber Pass” type of operation you infer. They’re not Colt, Remington (thank God), Wilson, Ed Brown, etc…, but they do make a decent inexpensive 1911 that gets decent reviews.


I’ve had good luck with my ATI USGI clone. picked it up for about $400 out the door spent the rest on ammo and a few newer parts. Haven’t had any malfuctions I didn’t cause.


That’s a great price! You run +P through it yet? Because, I wouldn’t, manufacturer says not to below. However, it does look like a horribly translated statement.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust a semi-automatic gun to all loads.
*Highly advise against using steel cased ammo due to excessive wear and tear from steel and lacquered coated rounds can cause premature carbon buildup and stoppages.


Is that for all 1911s or just ARMSCOR? Ive never got into +p stuff for .45s but thats good to know.


That was from the website on that ATI 1911.


I have now run +P through it. Most recently, I swapped the recoil spring and mag dumped with standard ball ammo. Didn’t even work up a sweat.


Glad you survived! :smiley: I kid…


No kidding, good thing it wasnt a Star. :laughing:


That was a low blow son. :neutral_face:


Lol this show is retarded but somewhat entertaining. Are those pics from this show?


I’ve been very happy with my RIA 1911. Got the Tactical model with the ambi-safety, G10 grips and fiber sights. Lots of upgrades included in price. Available with and without rails. I chose no rail. Been an excellent purchase. Can’t guarantee their GI models but the higher spec line is excellent.


I’ve never tried RIA, Might have to pick one up. I’ve had sig scorpion (problem child in the beginning) still have Para Ordinance match, Colt government, & a Remington R1 Enhanced 1911. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with the latter 3. My para ordinance match performs and feels about the best with the Remington R1 enhanced coming in a very very close second. the Colt shoots great, but doesn’t seem to be as good of quality as the other two with the fit and finish.


What year and model of Colt? They went through a bad phase in the late 80’s through early 2000’s. They revamped everything and went back to using almost all forged parts and started using blueing again instead of the parkerized stuff. I think the MSH is plastic and the slide stop is MIM though.


I’ll have to pull the colt out of the safe later when I get home from work., I believe it’s a 2011 or 2012 production Government model , parkerized black finish


This poll is not fair…LOL…I actually voted in the minority because my “working man’s” 1911 one I carry all the time is not really typical. It’s a Smith 1911 Sc but it’s an older model I got for under seven that now new would be over 1200 but the reason it is so awesome. I shoot it better than any other gun I own or have owned. It is completely reliable and when I say that I mean various types of ammo and different magazine types. The Scandium weight frame makes it light enough to carry often also and it’s a tougher metal than the aluminum alloy most other lightweights “like” Kimber use so no worries about the feed ramps getting all pinged up. I also carry a Kimber SIS Ultra model. But nearly as often because I don’t actually think in general no matter the firearm that the science supports a 1911 design to be ultra reliable in a 3 inch version of that firearm. I will post a picture also of the guns I do carry and shoot more often than others to include my favorite 1911 but basically 45 acp and one 10 mm make the daily rotation on my off days.



Here are my usual poly carry tools a G29 and a XD MOD2 45acp