Working mans pocket gun

Im doing a quick review of the bond arms derringer rough and ready in 357, i was able to purchase mine at a local gun shop i was needing a deep concealed handgun and with the barrel only being 2.5 inches it fit the bill.

I quickly looked around for holsters for immediate use because i had a date that very night, i picked out a blackhawk size 4 universal pocket holster that seemed to work.

I was also able to snag some 158 grain hollow points, my date stood me up and the next day i went to the range to see how it shoots.

I used some 158 grain aguila at 5 and 10 yards i achieved a ok set of groups at those ranges but i figured i could do better, i started to only load the top barrel to check accuracy and fired only 2 rounds and not surprisingly to me it held a good group.

I then shot the bottom barrel i pulled my second shot due to the recoil so i made a third shot. (sorry if im not shooting enough for groups ammo is hard to find right now).

Then i put up a new target at 5 yards and i did two groups with both barrels being fired for each group 1 being the first 2 being the second.

Then i shot the gun until u couldn’t any more i made it to 20 rounds, my final note the only issue I had with the gun was not the gun in my opinion but the ammo i had a stuck case the extractor couldn’t punch out.

I used a ink pen to punch the case out, and on examination the case had a buldge that none of the cases had close to the rim so for now im going to chalk that up to ammo but not the gun unless it becomes a further issue.

There will be a part two to this revew


Looks good to me :+1:


Groups? Phooey on that! It’s a derringer not a match gun. IMO, once you determine it functions 100% and where it shoots it would be good to go. Looks good to me too.

Just curious, with that short of a barrel what is the ball of flame like? I almost think .38SPL would work just as good, but I base that on absolutely nothing. I’d have to test penetration to get an idea of of the difference in power between .357 and .38. I wouldn’t be able to let it go.

:grin: 20 rounds… It’s not like you’re going to get into a shoot out at 5 yards.

I really have no use for one, but I’d really like to shoot one. Thanks for the review.


That will be part two i gotta carry it for a while, i do have a chronograph and im probably going to see about shooting paper plates and comparing penetration, i couldn’t shoot 38 special mine was all reloads the gun range doesn’t allow them.


how does the range know if you have some reloads in your shooting bag and shoot them ?


Id just rather not take the chance, i like the owner and dont want to give him a hard time if something bad happens, plus i own land thats where the next review will be, so i wont have any issues.


They had a stand at Bike Week couple years back.
Felt like solid little palm pounders.
IIRC not cheap money or made.


Looking forward to part 2. Well done on part 1.


Speer gold dots make a 38spl just for 2" barrel guns. 357 isn’t going to burn all the powder in that short a barrel. More muzzle flash no more velocity than a 38.


They do feel solid made, never got a chance to shoot one just looked it over.



Actually, though the magnum rounds will suffer a greater loss of velocity than the special rounds, the magnum rounds will still be significantly faster than the special rounds. Some of the well-known gun guys (Paul Harrell, for example), have done range tests on this very topic.