Worse than imagined


The California ammo restrictions seem to have large ripples

It wasn’t long after the CA shipping ban that my favorite ammo site dissapeared

& another report a manufacturer is in chapter 11



There’s a cure for that.
Get the heck out of Dodge before the whole fascist state collapses of it’s own weight.
That’s what I reluctantly did.
Couldn’t justify rewarding those idjit politicians with my taxes for trespassing on my rights.
It can be a tough decision to leave, but sometimes ya’ just gotta’ hit the road.


We’ll be out of here soon and there will be no reluctance.


Got that.
It was hard leaving all those friends and family behind in California.
But since I was heading back where I came from, there were even more waiting.
And the pleasure of breathing all that freedom, in the Midwestern air.
Happy trails to you.


Freedom Munitions is especially sad as they are in a friendly state (ID). Wonder what happened there. I had been interested in checking for employment if I’m not with my current company when we move to ID.


its currently reorganization so you never know…


Well I hope they pull out of it. I know they have a PR problem as there are tons of consumer complaints. But perhaps my marketing experience could help. LOL