Would the USofA be better off with a multi-party government


As in the title and it might be something that a Democratic Republic needs to reform to be able to maintain a certain amount of stability. Imagine the back room deals now required to achieve power within congress or the senate.


I’m afraid it would look a lot like what happens in Europe.


^ This. Picture the UK Parliament.


and what is happening in Europe?
the popular ruling party that was elected possibly ruining the country?
right now you have a possible majority government that is independent of the ruling government ruining the country.
What would happen if the conservative democrat broke free from the socialist democrats (which if you think about it is as polar a description as any out there) and became the New Democrats. Throw into the mix the LPofA (Libertarian Party of America) forming a ruling non-partisan with the other party.


We could bring back the Whig party? Lol.