Would you break the cherry?😉



Looks fun. I could probably do it in 3 shots with my Makarov, my Star BM or the father in law’s WWI 1911. If I had to pick one that I’m the most confident with it’d be the 1911. If anyone local has a way for me to try it I would be game but only with the Mak or Star. Perhaps I could bring some cherries to the outdoor range and try it at 7yds if they don’t have 5yds. Wish I knew someone with some property to try it on.


Too bad you’re not in the Chattanooga area. We could have a shootin’ day in the back yard!


Hell yea I would be all over it! We’d be poppin cherries all day… Yea that sounded better in me head. :rofl:


We had a similar challenge in high school, different kind of cherry though…