Would you know how?


Some of us here are prepared (or at least believe we are) or have a “plan” for dealing with small & large scale problems that may arise brought on by natural disasters, civil unrest, or God forbid, invasion/war, or some other type of grid down or societal/global collapse. We may think we have enough food, guns,ammo,clothes, toilet paper etc. Maybe for the short term you do, some maybe enough for a year! But what about for the long haul? Total collapse, no more stores, no more Amazon. For even some basic necessities or things that would be good to have that you no longer have a supply of and are no longer being manufactured. Do you have the skill set to grow/harvest food, make medicine, gunpowder, etc.? Do you know how to make even the smallest of items? A toothbrush or clothing or how about soap? The small things we take for granted in a society that has grown dependent & softer.

IF you have any comments, ideas, how to/DIY tips, info or links, Please share below


I think for the most part, I’d be screwed. I’m not stocked up on stuff by any means. Need to fix that. But I know how to grow food, can food, make soap, clothes, bombs, and while I have never hunted(because I’ve never had to), I don’t think I’d have trouble. I’d like to think I’d make out Okay, but I admit I’m certainly not prepared now.


How about psychological preparedness…

I moved from FL to NC (far west mountains) and I struggled, massive slow down, huge reduction in creature comforts,

moved back to FL


I would be OK in the short term, but not a long term total collapse situation. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to attempt survival after a total collapse or mega natural disaster. In other words, when the big asteroid hits, I hope it lands on my head. LOL


I wouldve too,NC does not look at fun as Florida.


My goal is to get up to two years of food, water and medical supplies. Really without a group ,any type of farming or anything like that would be pointless, bangers, theives, Negans etc will take your shit by force.


I’m good for short term as well. but I’ll be the first to admit I still have a lot to learn about some simple things. Short-term survival and Gathering would be alright for now but as far as starting from complete scratch with seeds to plant or trying to raise animals or making soap Etc I need to do some more homework big time! kind of the whole point of this thread was to spark discussion and thought. all providing in a worst-case scenario situation as described above, that you live long enough to worry about it.


if you have some tips how to make soap or where to gather ingredients it would be great if you could list what/ how on it.


A lot of preparedness stems from the mind set of the prepper
Prepping is a lifestyle shift that must be taken seriously if you are to be somewhat successful
Some people prep for specific situations and not a overall preparedness
A good way to start is to lay in stock pile of food
Various stores of freeze dried and canned foods
Rice beans flour seasonings things like this if properly stored have long shelf lives
That being said rotation is key
A solid way to filter water and a supply of water is essential you die without waster and in all honesty a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds and weight is always a issue
Are you bugging in or are you bugging out is a huge consideration
Do you have caches in place to access along routes that you plan to take
Do you have a plan for a route in the first place
Medical supplies are a huge and exspensive venture and if you had said supplies do you know how to use the effectively
Weapons are a needed item
One of the misconceptions is the more you have the better off you are
In all reality most people think that a weapon allows them to take what they need or want
This is a false concept there are tons of people with weapons
Ammunition is more important than weapons
Your weapon is useless with out ammo
In shtf situation your only source of munitions is what uuu have stockpiled and what you have cached in diffrent places
Reality of ammunition is it’s heavy folks and cumbersome to move effectively
Like minded people is a key if you plan on long term living after shtf
A good group of likeminded people is a force multiplier and these people have to bring skills to the table not just there mouths and the mouths of the people with them

A good idea is to sit down and write lists at diffrent peeps and to start lil by lil if you live like he rest of us and money is a constant issue
Prepping is choice and requires a lot of funds and storage space
So if Your serious you have to shift your whole lifestyle
Maybe you don’t need that 500 dollar car payment
Go for the 200 dollar payment
Maybe you don’t need 3 Starbucks a day
And buy seasonings or sutures instead
Simple planning and good saving and spending habits will allow your prep to expand quickly and effectively


Great info @Giantspeed


It’s a good topic that I have spent some years at
One of the keys to prepping is to maintain a constant level as well a constant purchasing regiment
Secrecy is a key point as well
You don’t want all your neighbors knowing what your doing
Generally there the firsy people knocking on your door or kicking in your door
Keep in mind 90% of America runs in the 3 day plan
Any grocery store ussualy carries 3 days worth of food for there specific AO
There is so many keys to surviving a situation like that
Most people are gonna jump in there cars and try to head out
Head out to where?
And everyone is going to be going somewhere
Major roads and highways are bottleneck death traps and will not be a way out anywhere
Can you read a map or a topographical map
Can you use a compass
Or are you reliant on your electronic leash ( phone)
The phone would be the first thing I smash under my boot the gps tracking alone would scare the shit out of me
Just somethings to consider


I agree, under a short-term problem I would definitely try to bug in. If I see things getting too s*****, I have secondary and third place to get to. Both obtainable on foot i f necessary and well-stocked. if you live too close to the city or suburbs roving gangs will be an issue. More than a handful of even well-armed and trained people may not be able to fend off. Lesser populated areas with your group would be a lot easier to defend and less noticeable in the first place in my opinion. Eventually though even for a well prepared prepper, certain things are just going to run out eventually in a long-term scenario. That’s what made me think how many people actually really have the skills and knowledge to completely live off the land. Many third world countries never evolved much past that skill set and probably would fend better than most. schools do not teach any basic knowledge on this subject and our people have become lazy & dependent for many things. I feel that those with no skills, no Preps are going to Resort 2 the easiest way they know how which would be stealing robbing and violence to get what they need. that’s why I feel it is very important to have many supplies on hand and definitely weapons and ammo. I’m always learning, and I have a lot to learn still.


Basic skills is essential in long term survival
It’s almost like a time warp and reversion to living like a 100 years ago
Most people are meat eaters and there is a serious disconnect about where and how said meat gets to there plate
Can you hunt
Can you process what you kill
Can you effectively store said kill
Smoking is effective canning is effective
Do you know how to build and use a root cellar
Can you render fat for soap and candles
Can you tan a hide for clothing or blankets for warmth
Starting a fire is a huge issue
Simple living requires a lot of knowledge and hard work
And this is just the tip of the iceberg


Ive got a small library on books covering the topic. I will post a recomended reading list when I get home.


Good points! I can definitely hunt, making soap, storing the meat to have it last is where I fall very short. I could smoke the meat make jerky or what not to last a while. But in my opinion, my very humble opinion, I don’t see game to hunt lasting very long with everyone trying to hunt. I see the majority of wildlife being hunted to Extinction very shortly maybe a year or two time?


The two I get the most out of are:



Excellent point
But in reality a lot of the sheep have no idea how to obtain meat other than going to the grocery store
Even small game would be unobtainable for the sheep
You just have to try and diversify how and what you eat
Maurading and scavenging will be essential to survival after things settle down a bit


The country living book is a excellent book to have on hand and to learn from
There are a few others that I have at the house
I’ll post a few of them when I get home from work
Slow day today at the shop and this topic is interesting way more interesting than color inlays


Theres enough hunters to wipeout the game population within a year or so, maybe faster. Just look at Venezuela, they ate through all their wildlife pretty fast.


they also cleaned out their zoo of animals to eat as well