Would you know how?


Nice job on the M&P! Yeah I think it would be very important to have written text on hand no one can remember everything! I definitely would like to get some of the books you guys are showing here and whatever else you come up with to have for reference


I’m sure there are other here that are in the same mind set
But as I said earlier it’s a pretty secretive bunch of people some are afraid to talk about prepping let alone share methods
In general sheep think that preppers are crazy and psychotic to think things like this are a possibility
There is few good channels over on the video site too check out too
One that pops to mind is the patriot nurses channel
She is a awesome source of information


Theres quite a few good resources out there. https://mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/you-want-me-to-carry-what-part-two/

This guy has a ton of articles on everything from firearms training to modern tribalism.




My plan is to go to the zoo FIRST, before it gets picked over. I’ve printed out recipes for penguin, and then I’ll move on to seals.


Any thoughts on spotted owl stew?or something similar? Lol


Another strong point to consider is your choice of weapons
Caliber and what weapons you choose
Can one maintain or repair said weapons
Firearms are machines and despite some people’s thoughts they break do we have spare parts on hand to make repairs
The needed tools to do so
The knowledge to do so
Some calibers are more readily available than others and will be easier to outsource when scavenging
For example would you rather Carry a calico or a M&p
Would you rather field a akm or daewoo 2000
Simple questions but very effective in prepping


Good stuff. I like my Not so common calibers but I also have a lot of very common calibers for the purpose of easy availability to find ammo for. You hit a very important nail on the head


I want to try flamingo and Gorilla.


Ahahahhahahaha slow roast gorilla sounds appetizing
Hyena is probably delicious too


I’d like to think I’d be Okay there, but I suppose you don’t know till the time comes. I’ve been through some pretty rough times and still kept my wits. That was a long time ago though.


Soap only requires two ingredients: rendered fat and lye. You can add other things to make it more pleasant like essential oils, lanolin, etc.


Robert makes a excellent point

The ability to maintain ones cool and wits during a extremely stressful situation in very adverse conditions is a key
To be able to spot this as well in others that are with you is key to head off situations that can be potentially fatal
People adjust to things and problems in the way that they always do or are trained too
For example
Some people absolutely would lose there mind sleeping in a cave for a extended stay with no shower and bugs crawling on you
Half asleep because you need to be somewhat alert at night
Sleep deprivation plays a huge roll in your ability to reason and make sound choices
Half the population would lose there minds not being able to shower for 2 weeks
Just food for thought


Um. I have a much lower tolerance for people not showering :yum:

And then those who feel the need to douse themselves with some perfume or another after they do just about as bad, even worse

And for the record I call all the Blesbok, Gemsbok, Springbok and other Deer :deer: related Zoo animals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know water will be very important for drinking but I’m also willing to take a trek to a local river on a regular basis to get clean. Hopefully someone else is too and we can stand watch for each other. Just hope too many people aren’t up stream.


I plan on being Negan so it should work out for me.


I know you have more purpose than that


Negan is both tough and smart but it only takes one blink if he’s taking my stuff, and everybody blinks.


Rick said that too then the ginger and the asian got a face lift.


I am not sure what you mean ,but soon…we will all be Negan :wink: