Would you know how?



Sorry I don’t watch television we don’t have one in my home
So I don’t know who this person is or what his significance is
We have a computer that’s barley used
As a family we decided to unplug from the mind control box a few years ago
We read and try to do other family activities to elapse the time



He is the leader of a group but takes pretty much what he wants from other groups.


no no no, he appropriates goods and services for the saviors

man, give some credit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


There is no mind control


Where would someone obtain Lye?(natural source)


Guessing Amazons not natural…

My wife makes soap, that lye is bad stuff


Ashes I think but I don’t yet know the process




Its from “The Walking Dead” which is worth a watch. Negan is the kind of bad guy.


What’s her source?


Making soap smells like shit
It’s so bad
Wear a gas mask it help some


Sourced from hardwood seems doable…


This method is the way that it was done for hundreds of years


Yeah I’m wanting to get her her own garage or similar work area, it competes with my brake fluid & related for headaches etc

@LonewolfMcQuade its Amazon



Checkout this guys blog for survival info. He also wrote a book worth checking out. He goes by the name ‘Ferfal’ , he survived the economic collapse in Argentina and lived without power, government or rule of law for around 5 years. His blog and book are a wealth of knowledge.


Looks like a great source, thanks. I’ll check him out



Heres another really good blog from a guy that calls himself ‘Selco’, He survived the civil war in Bosnia back in the 90’s. His stuff has a more gritty tone to it, Ive got quite a bit of info off the forums and blog but never paid for any of the other stuff.

This article in the link is a good read on bartering post shit hitting the fan.


Bartering article was a good read! A lot of interesting tips some may not have thought of!