Would you know how?


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Waylon is a funny dude


Needs a Trump wig, more authoritive.




I remember a similar pic of TR…


He learned about the wig party today


Maybe. We have a flock of chickens. But last year we sold the Shetland Sheep - lock, flock and barrel. We keep our hand in on many of the “lost” technologies: brewing, winemaking, krauting/pickling, gardening, (THE ADMIRAL does spinning, weaving, knitting). I do flintlock shooting, lead casting, flint knapping. Tried making black powder but the proper nitrate is hard to produce. It fizzled.

We are without power at least a week anually just from “natural causes”. So we have the ability to heat (including domestic water) with wood and light with oil.

Have made soap from fat & ash just to see the process.

We have two creeks on the property and I also have a spring located I could line with stone if needed.

For about 10 years we raised, fished or hunted all our meat . . . and we like meat. We got a bit “lazy” recently because my boss raises Black Angus cattle and we buy a half. Man, that’s good meat. Lamb was pretty darned good as well.

I shoot vintage recurves and make my own Douglas fir arrows. Again, just to see, I made a pair of dogwood shoot arrows with turkey fletch just to see if I could. Not sure I could knap a flint broadhead - but a bit of metal I could manage. I like hand tools as well and have a good supply of files and such. I can till, garden, harvest and saw wood without gasoline as needed. Keep a couple scythes around for exercise as much as weed clearing in the pasture edges.

And I can make a witch hazel broom and dogwood toothbrush. :wink:
We also raise a variety of “heritage” vegetables that produce viable seeds and self-germinate. It’s scary that a lot of what you now buy in stores won’t have viable seeds or pollinate “true”.


Badass image


Good stuff sir! You appear to have a good handle on things! Much, much greater than I…




Sounds like you’re in good shape then. Good job.


Does taking down really big trees in your backyard with just an ax count?

p.s. I’m no spring chicken either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, you get cool points for tieing a progressive to the trunk first.


Out of curiosity, if there were a diruption in the supply line restocking our grocery stores (truckers strike, weather related) how many here have enough food,water, and basic necessities on hand to last even two weeks?






unfortunately for me, I had to put my cheaters on to read your emoji. I’m 98% sure it is someone raising their hand to show they do. However, I am 2% certain it is an emoji flicking me the middle finger. if it was coming from anybody else it would have been a 98% probability it was the middle finger


In generalities I have enough for a lot a lot longer than that


I do as well. I was just amazed talking to some local friends and people, how some of them barely had enough to make it to the end of the week when they did their weekly grocery shopping! I post them the same question. it was like watching a little dim light bulb turn on.


Sometimes it can be revealing as to how ignorant most people can be about those things
The reality though is that those are the people that will resort to anything when the time comes


Procuraring food besides wild/urban game fishing! everyone can learn how to make primitive fishing lures hooks fishing line, all items needed can be obtained from the forest/woods or scrap pile.