Would you know how?


Very good idea


LOL raised hand (all fingers)


Back to the topic, ive got several months worth of food. Probably a little more with the food grsde buckets of beans and rice. The rest is mostly canned stuff and a few packs of various freeze dried foods. I might have more than a few months but I like being pessimistic about things, ecspecially preps. I will get specifics on what I have sometime. I think multi vitamins should be included in with these preps too, we probably wont be eating optimal when shit goes down so those will probably be worth investing in.


Heres a good article if youre just getting started.


I agree on multi vitamin or similar to fill the nutritional void. Patriot nurse pushes a product for that as well. Cant remember the name. You cant survive on “dead” food alone.(dehydrated)



That one is good
I use the youngevity beyond tangy tangerine


I use 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids to store food.

Doing it this way has advantages like if you need to move a lot of food fast the bucket has a handle and is not to heavy to move. Each one has a bic lighter with it
1-2 has a water filter in them.
I have 8 with just rice and beans, and one with seasoning and spice. Mix it up.
Don’t stack them on top of one another place1-2 news papers between them.
“Food for thought “ hahaha!


Why do this? Ive always stacked them.


Two reasons.

  1. Eventually the lid will develop a crack. This all depends on how heavy, and how high you stack them. If your light and only stack two high you will most likely be ok. I experienced problems with 4 high all with rice and beans. In two months I had to replace all the bottom gamma lids on 6 of them.
  2. If we are talking about prepping the news paper makes a nice fire starter. That’s also why I have bic lighters taped to the outside of all of them.
    If you ever been wet and cold -15F and tried to start a fire after finding stuff dry enough to try to burn and with numb hands tried to start a fire with a flint and steel…you know it sucks.
    Bic carry it, use it. They make a nice fist pack in a pinch as well.


Im a bic fan too but my bics bigger.


Staying warm is good!


I wear shorts in 20° weather ,whle I agree staying warm is good I dont mind the cold. Froze my ass off from drunk hiking a few years back, not my brightest moments but fire did the trick.


Drunk hiking is a key, but overlooked, survival skill!


Let’s not make this a “who’s BIC is bigger” contest! Ya bichead!



Your worst problems MAY be clean water and waste management.

Water filtration/treatment, and know how/where to dig a hole.

Everything else is taken care of. This new “preppier” industry is really quite astonishing; everything we learned in Boy Scouts and then the Army. If you didn’t do those growing up? GLWS of your hustle.


Did it take you the whole month to think that up? :open_mouth:


*PROBABLY will be clean water and waste management.

I agree though. Water,Food,Shelter & Defense are pretty immediate needs.


I’m out in the woods, what do you want for me? LOL just happen to run by it on the bottom of the threads


I’d say Mr. 3 is trying to triangulate your tree stand location?