Would you know how?


Lol, never know about those gingers! Actually in the ground blind today. 30-40mph wind gusts.im old enough to know I won’t bounce if I hit the ground, so I avoid the trees on high wind days. Already have a few big trees blown over.


Lucky bastard




What do I know?
I am a force multiplier. Like Old George said in the movie “The Postman” “I know things”
If you have not seen it, watch it soon. Men will like it, ladies its a bit nasty and gross, but Kevin Kosner and Tom Petty are in it.

EQuinn, Your mind set is what is screwed, and if you do not learn things, you will get screwed.

Build a library on what you do not know. Butchery, medicine, plants. reloading. If all you have is your body, it wil be taken, but if you have knowledge you surpass the worth of your body.

I spent decades training soldiers in common task training. You can get online and find the CCT.
The very first thing I taught the woman, kid and grand kid, all girls is Escape and evasion.

here is your start:


This stuff is free and will save your ass