Write Up: Tiger Valley 2 Man 2 Gun Competition

I had a fantastic weekend at the Tiger Valley 2 Man 2 Gun competition. My teammate and I managed to snag first place. Unfortunately my head cam is in a box somewhere, so I didn’t get video this time.

This was a 2 day 10 stage match with rifle and pistol. It brings in a lot of physical fitness as well as an interesting blend of speed, precision, long distance, close hoser, and most importantly - communicating and coordinating with your teammate. There was even a stage that required us to clear a shoot house with simunition rounds.

It was primarily a rifle match, but being good with your pistol was also needed to succeed. In the past, harsh penalties and tight aiming areas REALLY emphasized accuracy - but this time the stage design and only 10 second penalties allowed shooters to push the speed a little more.

Tall tower stage: Tiger Valley features a 60 foot tower. In the past we had to run the entire thing, but this time we started part way up. We had to run up and engage targets from about 150 yards out to 420 yards.

Short tower stage: One shooter (myself) ran to the front of the tower and engaged about a dozen pistol targets from 10 to 30 yards. Then the pistol shooter climbed a ladder and the rifle shooter engaged 16(ish) targets about 200 yards out. Foo crushed the rifle shooting on that stage.

Obstacle course: This stage featured a bunch of different sized obstacles that we had to shoot over. One shooter shot at one obstacle while the second shooter ran to the next. We leapfrogged to the end where there was a helicopter shell on springs. So we had to get into the shaking helicopter, then ran 200 to 300 yards back.

Shoot house: We put simunitions in our AR-15 and had to clear a house. There was 7 targets hidden in there and we had no walkthrough. So we had to clear the house and find our threats as quickly as we could. This one wasn’t about difficulty in marksmanship - but it was all about movement, communication, and coordination.

Bonus stage: This was a simple plate rack beat down. There was… 30 ish targets. maybe a little more. We had to blaze them down as quickly as we could. That one was a straight up drag race and was tons of fun.

Hellicopter stage: This one had a few pistol targets, but mostly rifle targets. We ran to a hellicopter, jumped in, and cleared some pistol targets before transitioning to our rifles. Then we had to clear 9ish cardboard targets with our rifle. My target array involved a VERY tight shot where if I missed, I would tag a no shoot target and nab a penalty. I didn’t.

Car stage: This one was quite simple. From what I heard, we were supposed to be shot at by a paintball gun and had to take cover - but the paintball gun had issues. So instead, all we we had to do was engage 9-10 targets each. Shots only in the A-Zone counted. Foo managed to get 2 shots in the head box A-Zone on the hidden target. Meanwhile I rushed and snagged a C-Zone hit on an easy target. Our only penalty of the match and I am quite bummed about it.

Rat Trap: If you’ve never seen a Rat Trap, you’re missing out. This is a 2ish story tall tower with a maze like structure inside it. To start, we cleared 6 pistol targets from 10 to 30 yards then climbed into the Rat Trap. We had to maneuver through the thing into 6 different shooting positions and engage a rifle target from cramped spaces at about 100 yards.

Field of pistol targets: This one was fun. The layout was simple - there was a field of 30 to 40 pistol targets all hidden behind and around barrels. We had to stay in a single firing line and move back and forth to make sure we engaged all of the targets. Most of the targets weren’t difficult to hit, but it sure was easy to not see one and incur a 10 second penalty per failure to engage. So it was beneficial to take a pause to make sure you got them all!

Hajji Hotel - this stage had a hotel looking structure with windows and a bunch of targets in them. These targets were… maybe 2 inches wide and 4-5 inches tall. We had to clear the targets at 50 yards with our rifle, some clay pigeons, and some steel plates. Oh yeah - and we had to do it from different slats in a barricade.

It was a lot of fun and I HIGHLY recommend this event!

Here’s footage from a stage from a year ago, to provide a little bit of an idea of what to expect at this match:

This event happens twice a year and I highly recommend it. If you’re interested in participating in the future, sign up for the Tiger Valley Newsletter!



Keep those competition videos coming!


Fantastic writeup. I too like seeing the competition videos.


I found my head cam - I just gotta find my charging cable now. Still in a box somewhere from the move.