WTB: Synthetic Stock for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle


Title say is all, I want a Synthetic Stock for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle.

Hit me up!!


Watch Ruger.com for sales. I got mine shipped to me for under $100 the same week they were released.


If you start feeling $pendy… check out th MDT LSS chassis.

Super seXXXy!!!


I hace seen those, but I want to keep the classic lines of the rifle, like Cooper designed it!!


Yes, when ShopRuger has sales, they are good!! VERY Good!! I honestly want a McMillan, but they are upwards of $400


Agreed. Boyd makes a M77 stock. They probably make a GSR stock if you call them. I realize that’s wood again… but it’s still an option.


Ya, here in AZ, with the Heat and the dry weather, wood splits and looks like crap!! I need synthetic for longevity and for weight!!