WTS: CED Millenium Chronograph

This is a gen1 and works fine. I’m selling because I have a LabRadar coming in so I won’t use it anymore.

It comes with the basic unit and 3+ sets* of passive skyscreens and one set of IR skyscreens**. It also comes with a spare sensor, tripod, and a carry case. Go to the CED site and add that up and it comes to $408. But mine is used and needs a new mounting shaft for the sensors. The new part is priced with shipping at $21 from CED, but I don’t want to place the order and frankly I used the broken one just as it is.

I’m pricing mine at $100 less $21 or $79 total. Plus shipping at my cost. Sold in “as is” condition.

*why so many? Because if you shoot sabots the petals can take them out. Hence the spare sensor as well.

**What are IR skyscreens? They allow the chrono’ to be used in pitch dark if you have a mind to do so. I used them in the shop for load development during the hours of darkness. They aren’t dependent on outside light to make the chrono function. I used it just the other day in the shop. You’ll want to clean the plugs for the IR screens to make a better connection. I jiggled them and they worked fine.