WTS Colorado 15rnd AR 5.56 PMags/30rnd Lancers for the free people

I’ve got a pair of FDE Gen II 20rnd PMags blocked and blind pinned to 15 rounds with Ranger plates. Their not legal for me to bring into NJ anymore and I have no use for them in PA. Hardly used so I figured I’d let them go to someone in CO that might need them for ‘compliance’. Buy’em from MidwestPX like I did for $25 each or take these off my hands for $20/pair plus shipping(TBD).

Instead of posting 2 threads in the market place, I also have a pair of Lancer L5 30rnd mags in black. $15 for the pair + shipping(TBD).

I’ll accept PayPal Friend&Family transfer, Amex Serve to Serve or even select Cryptocurrencies.
Photos available on request but seriously, we all know what the magazines look like.


I would be all over them if they said LAR15 pistol and 10er but I suffer from the same HiCapitis as you.


Oh, I don’t suffer any more. I’m in a free state now. I got a pile of 30rnd PMags. I only bought the Lancers to write a review for the old BangSwitch forum. Didn’t quite get to it before the plug was pulled.