WWII Scrapbook and a Surprise!


Well over the Thanksgiving break I went up to Ohio and came back with my Grandfather’s scrap book.

Here he is with a POW.

It’s filled with pictures!!!

They met the Russians when Germany quit. Is that a PPSH I see?

Lots of souvenirs! I have some.

Included was a photo that Grandpa took from a dead German soldier’s wallet…

Let’s zoom in…

I consider myself very lucky to be the caretaker of these pieces of history. They’ve been locked away for years. I plan on preserving them but making them more accessible to any family member that may be interested. So far I’m the only one who cares, that’s why I got them. I thought I would share them with you all.


I consider you that as well, very fortunate.


Wow Brother! That is amazing. Thank you for sharing those with us!


:+1: neat piece of history.


What branch of the military did he serve in? What did he do in the service? Seems like an interesting guy.


Very very cool!!! Amazing!


@jf89 He was a small mortar operator in the Army’s 101st Infantry Division- the Timberwolves. He didn’t talk to anyone about his time there. He was a very quiet man.


ThisOldGun, Great Piece of family history! thanks for sharing👍


I guess there is one exception. One time he had a drink or two and mentioned to my mother that they were guarding a bridge in Germany. An old woman was pushing a cart across the bridge up to the Allied checkpoint and his friend went out to greet her. What they didn’t know was that the cart was loaded with explosives and she ended her life, the life of the friend, and severely damaged the bridge.

I once asked him when I was young ‘Grandpa, what was the war like?” He looked me square in my 10 year old eyes, intensely, saying nothing. The moment passed, and I thought forever that I never got an answer. After Afghanistan, I think I understand 1% of what he was trying to say.


That is amazing. Thanks for sharing.


You’re very welcome.


Was the woman a Nazi? I didnt know they used those types of tactics. Crazy stuff.


So a call out to our resident history buffs… what the hell kind of plane did his company encounter on the ground?


I couldn’t say at this point. We can only speculate.


Was your grandfather a gun person?


Thank you for sharing.


I don’t think he touched them after the war.


My uncle was the same way due to Nam. Cant say that I blame them either.


Can I ask what his job was?


A Gunny in the Marines for two tours (I think), he enlisted at 17 ,it was either that or jail lol. He did not speak of his military days unless it was on memorial day or veterens day and even then only rarely and on specific memories of his friends.