WWII USN MK2 Fighting Knife


This is a pre-1944 WWII United States Navy fighting knife with original scabbard. It has seen better days but it was passed down to me so I’ll hang onto it and pass it on to my son one day. Bonus points to whoever guesses the correct number of stars on that flag.


Getting sharp with those Gifs, just add in some Tarantino effects and you’ll rule the internet


Ha ha, thanks! It’s amusing what you can create with an outdated iPhone and free apps.


Counted 35. No clue how many. My guess is 45 stars.


@switchpod Good guess but not the right answer.




@Jtr Wins!!! The 48 star flag came into being on July 4th 1912 with the addition of New Mexico and Arizona. It saw us through two world wars and was finally retired 47 years after its introduction.


Beat me to it.
I say 48 as well.


Bought a shirt recently at the local swap meet. Wasn’t till I’d paid for it that I realized it had 48 stars. If anybody mentions it to me I tell them. Hey when I was born this was correct.


Also, if we can boot CA & NY from the Union it’ll be right again.



This thread is taking a turn for the better.