x 22 magpul optic mount

Not being one to leave well enough alone, I got the new x 22 magpul red dot mount for the 10/22 in today. the installation was easy and straight forward.

You can see I used a small screw driver to hold the retaining pin back while I installed the take down lever.

Actually installing a sling stud was a lot more of a challenge.

I wanted to be able to mount a magpul bi-pod now that the ones that mount on a sling stud are in stock. No I still dont have one but I dont have a red dot yet either. Inrange is supposed to do more content on red dots and think ill wait and see what Karl says on the matter. I was worried about the Williams sights being fragile and me not being a , gentle person. This mount will offer some protection to the fiber sights and you can still them fine through the nice trough in the mag pul sight mount, all though the crappy photag didn’t catch it… I have a sdn6 mount on this so I can put a can on it.
! )
Rapidly becoming my favorite 10/22. dead squirrels as far as the eye can see.

yes, some day i will figure out how to turn the damn pics so they orient correctly, till then turn your head.