XD yeah or nay?


I want you guys to weigh in on this on especially if you have never posted before.
The reason I ask is because it seems that there is a lot of hate out there for them. I own one from the custom shop and it’s really nice, but I never shoot it. I know the changed the grip of the firearm a year or so ago. Does it help? Let me know what you guys think.


I will when I get home Brother, and thank you for your out look!


I have 2 XDs in .45 and love them both…i have them in 4.0 and have ate everything and always hit consistantly at 25yrds.


Thank you for your experiences on this topic! How long have you owned them and how often do you get a chance to run them?


Ive had them 3yrs and have ran 1000 thru my black one and around 500 in my blk/stainless. They are a great weight about 1" thick (great for ccw) and in my kydex iwb i dont know its there.


Good, all I’m hearing is positive! Now we just need all the others to chime in on this.


I dont like the grip saftey, thats about it. It is on par and very similar to glock or the S&W M&P but not as nice as the HK VP9 or Walther.


About as accurate as a glock, my older XD I had wasnt reliable but the newer ones are pretty much glocks with grip safties. Not my thing but I would rate it as better then a hi point.


It is subjective. I think the bore axis is to high which seems to give more mussel flip.


XD Sub compact 40. Shoots straight never jams around 300 through it. Managable recoil, fast recovery. Heavier then glocks, but shoots great.


Custom XD 40, service model.

It has hands down the lightest striker fire trigger I have ever felt.


My XD-40 4.0 was my first “favorite gun”. I bought a subcompact mod.2, but it just didn’t have the same magic for me. While the SP2022 is my current favorite, I still love that old XD-40, and I’ve ordered some parts to maintain and do custom work on so that I can keep it up there in my collection. I think they’re fantastic guns, just not for everyone, and they get too much needless hate.


Here’s my take on the XD series. I have two of them. First one is the 1st generation XD45 service model and the second is the XD9c. Both have been rock solid reliable. I’ve had absolutely no issues with my gen1 45 and it have eaten every thing I’ve fed it. Form bottom barrel Tula steel case to top line HD rounds of various types. The 9mm has been just as reliable.

Pro’s: Accurate, shoots point of aim (at least for me), reliable.

Con’s: Grip safety (user preference), grip angle (again user preference), marketed by Springfield (not a fan of them with some of their recent anti-2A actions at the state level), triggers spongy (even for a striker pistol).

Overall: Good polymer striker pistol that as far as I’m concerned is on par with the vaunted Glock. If you’re used to shooting a 1911 then you will find the grip angle natural (Glocks are too steep for my preference). The grip safety is a bit redundant but functions and not even noticeable from my experience. Reliability has never been an issue, at least in my experience. Not as many aftermarket options for it as there is for the Glocks so for those that like to customize their pistols this may be a deal breaker.

My advice, go to a range where you can try out the different offerings (Smith, Glock, Springfield, etc…) and see what works for you best and decide then.

Peace out.


I can honestly say all Springfield Armory firearms other than my M1A1 Rifle have been in 45 acp and they get that caliber right. All great shooters. 2 1911’s. One XD 45 Tactical with the five inch barrel out of the box could be a competition gun it shoots so well and the one I carry almost daily when off duty my XD MOD2 45acp is a hell of a shooter and very comfortable and easy to carry IWB all day long. As to the Politics it’s kind of like the situation with the FBI right now. Poor corrupt leadership but great troops on the ground with great results…That’s how I look at it. I actually am considering for my next firearm one of those new XDE 45acp’s with the traditional double action trigger.


Owned an XD40 (one of the first generations) didn’t care for it (too much muzzle flip).
Also owned an XDs9 and currently own one of the first generation XD9 Tactical models. Really liked the XDs9 but got rid of it cause I needed money for something else.

Currently own the XD9 Tactical and I love it. Actually got rid of my Glock 17 and just shoot the XD in its place. The longer barrel and slide really change the performance of the XD Tactical imo. The Tactical is a tack driver…literally outshoots every other handgun I own.

I like the grip angle and feel of the XD better than the Glock, and I disabled my grip safety and now really love my XD :wink:. Very easy to do for a guy like yourself btw.


Well take some pictures and walk us through it Brother.


I will do that. I’ll try to get it done this weekend…(of course you should never do that…your own liability…disclaimer, disclaimer, blah, blah, etc…)


Just make sure that you write that in the post. CYA