Yankee Hill Machine Turbo K

New video up with a little detail on the turbo k and some stat comparisons to the turbo! Some fa shooting along with an inside look of the suppressors thanks to an EndoSnake bore camera!


Im just a poor and I really want to get 2 yhm turbo Ks like soon I want to hit up a SS kiosk and start the paperwork.
I have a 10.5 that will literally be suppressor only and a 16" that will also live with a suppressor.
I know a K wont suppress near as much especially on a 10.5, something a regular turbo would be better for.
I also really want to keep it short and light, a k on a rifle is perfect because not as much added length and as the barrel is longer it burns powder more, my issue is yhm wont update the turbo like the k with interchangeable mounts.

I would plan on using only yhm mounts but have adapters in case I come across others mounts for cheap. I just dont know what I should do and I only have 556 guns and Im a poor.
price, DB level then size are my primary concern and if its not FA/BF rated I dont even consider it a contender.


The k you only loose a few dB which is rather impressive for the compact size with the direct thread mount. I’ll be running the k on my 10.5 as well. Also good new for you the turbo and resonator both are getting a 2.0 version with an updated look and modular rear mounts! Yhm listens!! Should be out in a month or so


yeah a few DBs is a lot when its a 10.5 and a 16.

I really want to get 2 turbo ks because I feel like YHM will eventually make teh turbo like the K but my luck is its never going to happen…
I dont have 762 can money for the size of the k and turbo and really dont have any 762 build in mind, hell the next thing I want is either to flip a coin for a 50 upper or a belt fed upper with echo trigger.

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Oh it’s happening. They are making both the resonator and turbo just like the k and the 30cal will have a k can as well

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I really want to believe in yhm but I feel I’m actually losing our because in the suppressor world the nest step up is always better

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Well we meter cans and I can tell you now it’s amazing how far suppressors haven’t come in all these years. Yes we now have better mounts and some use better materials but a lot of people still use the same baffles. The aac element is still after all these years one of the best performing cans out. Don’t always believe the newest latest and greatest.