Yay for Black Friday!


What a great time of year, all of my credit cards now reflect a near perfect zero balance,

my bank even helps to ensure I’m the one making all the purchases to get them that way,

Last night, Thanksgiving, they called me about 8pm just to be sure I was the one making the purchases.

Yay for Black Friday!


Have you checked on your social credit report? Oh wait, that is not here untail next election.


Don’t kid yourself, our credit system already exists.


Its not really useable yet like in China , though. They are just collecting data at this point, there is an Asian dem that is running for potus next election that wants to do social credit reports like China.



Robert, Sounds like you’re all set for Cyber Monday now :wink:


I feel your pain. Someone was using a cloned card of mine in Alabama while I was in the hospital watching my son being born.


Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and author running for President as a Democrat in 2020.

near perfect zero balance means available credit :sleepy:


I have never once got involved with Black Friday and I rarely ever stop in that evil store called Wal-Mart. But, this afternoon, I needed a few things and I thought I’d see what all the excitement was about.

Actually, the store was pretty quiet. I didn’t see too many people inside or any earth-shattering deals either. I bought a new gun case, some more CCI .22 ammo and walked back out :slight_smile:


Just heard this on infowars,

this might be a tough fight

1k a month paid out


Info wars is where I found that article above too.


I would like to know wtf happened to teaching civics and economics in high school. Where do these people think this money is going to come from exactly? And freaking elected officials don’t even know the branches of government. WTF is wrong with people? Hell, they probably don’t know either. As a country we are dumbing everything down, not letting anyone learn how to actually think.


They are even talking about cutting physical education around here lol


If I had young kids right now, I would home school them. It’s getting ridiculous.


Yup, grabbed 3 KAK LPKs from Primary and TTI Glock +5-6 base pads for our 9/357SIG mags. Everything else out there so far is almost the same price.

Anyone see smoking deals on MeproLight M21s give me a shout please.


I have said this for several years. Standardized tests condition kids to give a predetermined answer to the question being asked. They are told what is “right” and don’t know how to question if that is correct.



Keep it down would ya?

I’m trying to think


Great movie, they need to make more of them. I would love to see an Idiocracy war movie.



We have ourselves a winner!!

In all seriousness when we relocate to ID our plan is to have my wife homeschool our daughter.


IDK what they are in ID but check state laws on home schooling, some are pretty bad,

FL has some, but also has virtual schools, a 3rd option, and preferable for me, every quarter we report attendance.