You need info to wage war- Ticks

OK, maybe more information than you wanted to know.

What prompted this? I decided to wage war against ticks and I needed to know something about the enemy. That goes for all warfare, ticks, or even poli-ticks, those would be the disgusting bloodsuckers in DC.

The folks in CT paid for it, but for us (not a resident of CT myself) it was $ well spent.

So how will I wage the war? I always put out poison cubes to kill rodents every autumn. I just need to be more reliable in doing it. For those rodents who don’t take the bait I’ll put out tubes of cotton and lint soaked in 10% pyrethrin. (note the %, NOT .10%) I don’t expect to see results for a few years so it’s a long term project.


We’ve had more than I’ve seen in my life this year, we now have a rooster roaming the yard, I believe that’s a big help


Yes, chickens are tick eaters, also Guinea Fowl. We have both and still had far too many ticks.


I buy a spray concentrate for around the house and also put 60 pounds of granule insecticide on the yard. So far the dog has had very few ticks and I think they were from him sneaking out in the woods.


I wish I could put “stuff” out for ticks John. Toward the end of the PDF there are solutions. Maybe that will give more ideas? But with animals whose eggs I eat I won’t chance insecticides. The dogs get Bravecto, and we check them after every time they go outside. They expect the inspection and have (maybe) come to enjoy the attention and I kinda like checkin’ out the wife for ticks too. So maybe ticks aren’t all bad. :yep: :laughing: There are a few females I see on the flat screen that we need to have over for thorough tick inspection before full access to our place where they can shed ticks. (I’m old but I’m not dead!)


knowing your eyesight you you missed close visual inspection.


Yes, she buys that line!


If I don’t use it they try to drag me off into the woods! We also let all the opossum that want to roam the yard do so they eat ticks by the thousands a year. We also keep the grass cut short and that helps.