You young guys take note...

No doubt, and a useful reminder, thank you

I had to look that up, yeah, good analogy :+1:

Thats accurate just like that, and I’m sure anyone in this thread knows what I mean,

I bet you meant the thief who hung next to Christ?

Barabas, likely a patriot of the day, IDK but another good example (the thief and the last few seconds)


Yes, Barabas was crucified next to Messiah. He was the worst of the worst, but he was told, because he believed, that he would be in paradise. His entire life was flushed and he started all over again with a clean slate.


What prompted this thread, in part, was the passing of Rush, and for years I’ve missed new music by my favorite group of all time, the Moody Blues. One night I was listening to them and this song just hit a note with me and it resonated.


My bad, we’re told he was a robber

This resin you speak of… was it opium by chance? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yup, he was. My point was that he wasn’t a good guy. He was bad enough for that horrible death.

:smile: Me? Opium? I don’t think so. Any opiate at all? Nope. Only if a Dr Rxs it and then only if I absolutely must. Meaning that I’m in such pain that I must take it to even sleep an hour. The pain has to be pretty severe for me to use any of that crap.


I’ve had difficulty sleeping my usual 9 hours per night for the last year. I understand lack of sleep, irritability etc. I’ve been lucky to have slept like the old days for the last three nights. Thank you Lord. Covered my windows with night shades, just dark heavy cloth. Electrical tape over all those blue lights on my home appliances, and TV. NO TV on after I lay down and get drowsy. Get a check up, some blood work, eat well and drink beaucoup water. It all could just mean it’s time for a change. Be gentle towards yourself you deserve it. Try asking the Lord for help. If we’re talking about calming down after a long run of " FUN " take it easy. BTW, I have not heard mention of the Moody Blues in a very long time. They were among my favorites.![25D0C39A-B0CC-440C-A943-3FCE8AEFBDCE_4_5005_c|281x500] That’s me 72/73(upload://6PTP1WJhIriiGIpqMes3m0wVne0.jpeg)



O well, photo skills and internet don’t jibe too well for me.


Don’t feel alone on that


I doubt that there will not be any new music coming from them. But what they gave us is just superb. One of the members of their classic years, Ray Thomas, has died and they’re all aging. Justin Hayward still sings and plays from what I gather, but I don’t know how prolific he is. We’re all getting old.

I like all of their classic years music, and much of their later stuff. The Blue Jays album, which isn’t actually the Moody Blues, only Hayward and Lodge, is just fantastic IMO. Some of what Hayward has been doing since is really good too. Forever Autumn is unforgettable.

We grew up with some really good music.


After a dehydration problem a few weeks back I’ve been forcing down the water,
seems a lot is improving from it,

And I was giving Jesus my troubles about 3:30 this AM, sure feels better to do!

Damn tight rope you’re walking there hippie! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin: :rofl:


That’s several months after discharge. I could shoot the eye out of a running squirrel at 50 yds. Leon Russell, dang. I believe we had an American Renaissance during those years. I picked up a guitar about a year ago and while in the music store the young salesman said he was studying our music era in school. Calling it the Golden Years. Add 50 lbs of aging unto my neck after that remark. Asylum Choir was my favorite LR album. I still have ut somewhere.