Your choice of 1911 45ACP

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I wanted to spark some discussion over what everyone things is the best 1911 to purchase. If someone was only going to buy ONE, which would you prefer? I think it would be reasonable to use the two following criteria: It would need to be practical as a range/nightstand gun and not only a Safe Queen but worthy of mention. So I’m not talking about your $2,000+ 1911s. So what do you all think? If you already have it show 'em if you got 'em.

This is a link to a blog post of which 1911 I’m in favor of and why…it’s the Colt M45A1 CQBP. I don’t own one but it’s

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Personally, I have never found a problem in quality or function in the Rock Island Armory 1911s. I have two, a G.I. M1911A1 in .45acp (2,000+ rounds, no malfunctions), and an M1911A1 Tactical (450+/- rounds, no malfunctions), that I’m optimizing. Their price is great ($350-$600), depending on which model you buy. They’re reliable, and accurate. I can get 2" groups with my GI model at 15yrds. I would recommend them. You can’t go wrong with Colts (1991 model, Competition Gov’t, etc.) or Springfield (GI Model, Loaded, TRP, etc), but they’re more expensive. Whatever fits you is best, but they’re all 1911s so the difference is somewhat minimal in ergos.


I have looked and researched the various 1911s a lot, and I keep coming back to the Desert Eagle 1911G. I don’t care for the rollmark,but I think it’s a great weapon.
A cheap one that I brag on a lot, is my $200 Norinco I bought back in the early 90s.

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I have 1911 made by Rock island, STI, and a Springfield range officer.
all run well but my favorite is the range officer, it was arround $800 new.

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I think the best priced 1911 I own is an Auto-Ordnance 1911 that’s made like a traditional military service pistol. It’s been a reliable shooter. For a step up I’m a big fan of the TRP by Springfield. Stepping up from that I like Wilson Combat and I just got in a GunCrafters 1911 and wow, what a work of art. But the pricing for pistols like Wilson Combat, Nighthawk or GunCrafters is prohibitively high for many buyers. But there’s no doubt they’re hand fit and works of art.


Wilson Combat hands down. I can’t imagine picking up a 1911 ‘under 2k’. The good things in life simply don’t come cheap. It’s the same with cars. You don’t get to drive an Audi at a Honda price point, it doesn’t work that way.


I own a Rock Island 1911 in 22TCM/9mm and it will definitely be my choice for 45acp. I like the feel of their pistols and for the price they seem reliable.

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I would want something mid range that can be field stripped without special tools. I like my Kimber but needing the special tool to field strip it is a turn off. I would agree the $800 ball park is a good target price range.

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I really like the Ruger SR 1911 LW Commander. It is one of the lightest 1911 I have ever had. The only 1911 that was lighter, was the Colt Defender that I owned many years ago.
This gun shoots great. It has become my carry gun (29.3 oz.).

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I am a fan of Rock Island armory 1911’s I believe they give great value and a great warranty! I have 3 1911’s from RIA and also reviewed a couple on my channel. They are wonderful guns! Also am a fan of colt and Remington. That is only my two cents though.


Springfield Armory TRP

Interesting pick. Why not a Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Nighthawk or Les Baer?

Whichever one will run for a long time without costing a good amount of what I make in a year.


After much research, and considering my available funding, I felt that the SA TRP was high end as I needed to go. What does the Wilson Combat/Ed Brown/Les Baer/Nighthawk do, besides separate me and more of my money, that the TRP wont do. Absolutely nothing. With that said, my RIA does the same thing as my TRP.

If something happens to be wrong with your Springer, they’ll definitely stand by it. Springfield (like S&W) is one of the last few companies who doesn’t screw with their customers.
The differences is between Springfield and the other 1911 builders are tighter fit and finish, better materials that go in to it (but I believe Springfield 1911s have tool steel frames), use of mim parts vs non mim parts. I’d call a Springfield 1911 a decent/good 1911. WC/EB/LB/NH are excellent 1911s. To each their own of course. I’m thinking about picking up that EDC X9 or wait for Tim to torture test the P10C and Stryk B and for XS to release express sights for both. But first of all I want to see them perform so I’m waiting for the reviews before I put my money on the table. I want something in 9, the cost of 45 is just too prohibitive. 9mm is just a bit as good as 45 if not better with nowadays ammo technology. Hard to find a flat shooter though, I just prefer 45’s push over 9’s flip and over penetration is also something to consider. I don’t know man, I’m just a bit on the fence as I really love the 1911/45 platform and shoot it very well.

Well for me it was the last 1911 I owned. Springfield Armory Loaded Operator with the full length railed dust cover. Sadly it was caught in a house fire. I still have it because I am still holding out hope it can be saved. It cooked off all the rounds in the mag. The room it was in just got scorched so I think the frame and slide might be salvageable. It was very accurate with a crisp 3.5lbs trigger and in the 6000rds I put through it in training I never had a malfunction with it. One day maybe she will be like a Phoenix and rise from the ashes better then before.

After 6 years experience I favor my Springfield stainless Loaded, actually it is the Loaded frame and a S&W slide (made in same factory apparently) I like this pistol because the steel is very hard and shows no signs of scuffs and can take a lot of abuse. Even though it is stainless the Ramlite magnetic products work perfectly. My accessories for it are what I call the ‘Terrible Twins’ - one is the brightest legal green laser I have ever seen (mounted magnetically on the frame) and it’s brother a 900 lumen Nitecore flashlight (same mounting) That Nitecore is so bright you wouldn’t even believe it and is very scary when it is pointed at you and switched on. (video on youtube demo’ing it ‘1911 Nitecore’)
I also like the Rock Island Tactical and G.I. - totally reliable and low cost.Remington R1 is very well finished and a bargain.I don’t venture into the super cheap 1911’s - for a few dollars more…

I have two Springfield a old girl model and a new loaded model. The old one is losses and rattles but will feed any thing .The loaded model is tight and has not had any feed or eject problems at all. ONE was $300 the other $800.

I bought a Taurus PT1911 a month ago, after wanting a 1911 for a year or more. So far, it’s been absolutely flawless. Picked it up used for $419, looked like it hadn’t even been fired (2015 model).

I don’t have a 1911 but it is on my list to get! Colt’s website has a MSRP of $899 for their Competition 1911:

I’m hoping actual retail will be less, but it sounds like a good deal for a 1911 with a Colt National Match barrel.

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