Your choice of 1911 45ACP

I think every American gun lover should own a 1911. It’s tradition and history. I own The Sig Sauer 1911XO Nitron! I just love how Sig took a traditional 1911 and spinned it to there own with the Sig standard top slide that’s on ever Sig. Just a beautiful and accurate piece. #SigSalute Oh I forgot to mention I’m in the market for a Springfield 1911 Operator in Stainless. Whew!

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I agree. It’s un-American to not own a 1911 and AR-15. Personally, I don’t really care for foreign guns and everything being equal I prefer to spend my money on keeping Americans at work. As for 1911s the EDC X9 is on my list.

I have one too. Not only is it light and easy to carry, it is darn good looking. Mine shoots a little low. Lookingminto a shorter front sight post.

I Have a couple sig 1911s that are amazing paid around 900 for each one.
Sig 1911 scorpion carry and sig 1911 extreme.
The extreme I have is amazing the fit is just about perfect.
The scorpion I have has some play in the slide. But still shoots incredible. I’ve actually shot a 2/3 idpa steel target with it At 300 yds

Other then that I like the Springfield TRP

If you have a lot to spend then a nighthawk or Wilson combat.

I’ve seen some issues with Kimbers lately. Little BS issues like the grip screws being stripped out. Sights being loose and not adjusted properly, chambers out of spec.
Just stuff that shouldn’t happen and was overlooked.
Probably a total of 10 guns that I seen with issues. Which is nothing for how many they make. But considering I’m just one person and see 10 issues that’s a lot

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I work in a firearms retailer that carries Kimber and I’ve been hearing some bad shit as well with them, build quality going down mainly it seems.

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec or Ruger SR-1911 if you want to stay under the $800 mark. Getting a dependable 1911 under that is difficult.

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I have owned 3 1911s… wide-body Springfield, which was great, a Sig Sauer C3 with CT grip is my carry gun, and a custom full size. If I were to do it all again, I’d have skipped the custom and gotten a Les Baer. Basic model is like $1500. The custom is nice, but I got a little carried away with it.

Nothing wrong with budget guns. Seems lots of people have good experiences with theirs. If I were to buy one, I’d probably go with Rock River. I’ve never had a good Taurus experience, but many have. As a whole, seems like you get what you pay for, but there is definitely a point of diminishing returns. If this is your first, I’d ease into it, cost-wise.

Did OP ever buy a 1911 and let us know or I’m I missing it?

Hi all,I have two 1911 both Kimbers and both are great.I have a stainless custom 2 and a Tactical custom 2 hd.I am looking for a LW Commander style gun though.I was thinking Rock Island which I know nothing about or a Ruger.

Not much of a pistolero, I have one auto, a P220 Carry. It fits the Rosen shoulder rig real nice.

If I were to get a full sized 1911, Id go with the Emperor Scorpion or Nightmare.
The P220 spoiled me, there is nothing I dislike about a Sig.

Hey King of Battle, It’s nice to see folks are stiil interested in a gun designed over 100 years ago. When I was shooting competitively, the armorer for the All Guard pistol team really only wanted to accurize SAs. I like SAs. Got one hardball and one wadcutter with scope plus a Colts wadcutter with scope. Yes they all are match accurized and very tight but the Colts is loosening up whereas the SAs both remain tight.

A couple points to consider … the mil spec sights are the biggest drawback to 1911 accuracy. SA RO sights much better.

There was a period of time when SA was making stainless guns in Brazil. For some reason or another, they chose not to follow Browning design on the frame at the top of the mag well. The top forward edge was beveled so that it matched the bottom edge of the feed ramp. Sounds like a good idea … but wasn’t. JMB calls for a 1/8th inch ledge between the two. Stay clear of those guns.

My second observation after 45 years of 1911 shooting is that 95% of jams could be attributed to the JMB magazine design. The feed lips of his design were flared (ie angled out) from the rear to the front of the magazine. By doing that, the cartridge release angle changes with the diameter of the base of the cartridge.

Early in my competition years someone introduced me to Metalform, one of the least expensive mags around … $9 at the tme. It had mag lips that remained parallel for most of the distance then flared sharpley to release the cartridge. It also came with a convex follower so the last round in the mag had nearly the same friction as the top bullet. I have never had a jam using Metalform mags … but then I keep with 7 round mags.

When Bill Wilson was making $45 mags with concave followers and tapered lips, Metalforms were $11. Still i never had a jam. When people were having 1911 jams on the range, they simply went away ehen I loaned them a Metalform.

So, if you buy a 1911 that jams, get a good inexpensive mag and see if that doesn’t solve your jams. Too many people blame the entire gun … needlessly.


I only own a Colt, and it is an absolute work horse. Thought about buying another 1911, but my Colt seriously drives nails. I can’t imagine hitting the range without grabbing it or another 1911 taking its place
That being said, my brother has a Springfield and he feels pretty much the same about it.

I have been shooting since I was 10 & am now 62. I have had approx. 12 rifles & around 10 pistols & revolvers. But this is my 1st 1911. Since I retired in the Philippines, I bought a local made 1911. I have a S.A.M. (shooters arms manufacturing) .45 (ATI in the U.S.). It’s called the “Elite”. It’s 1 step up from a gov. It has all the goodies but has gov. sights. It’s more accurate than anything I’ve ever owned or shot. 3/4" groups at 10 yards. For $330.00, I love it!

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My Zenith M45 1911 has been trouble free so far after 1000 rds. The workmanship on the pistol is very good. At $369 from CDNN it was an outstanding value.

An update from my previous post is that I got my first 1911, the Colt Competition model I linked above. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shooting it at the range and recommend it to the OP if he’s still looking.

I agree however I am switching my Kimber to a standard gi guide rod setup. Much easier takedown also I’ve always just personally liked the look of gi style.
With that being said I’ve always had good luck with Kimbers even though a lot of people don’t like them. The Rugers are very nice too

1911 is my favorite platform. I have only 3 45s. all semi-custom. Springfield TRP, Dan Wesson Bruin, Smith and Wesson Performance Center. they all are great. However, IMHO, money-quality wise, Dan Wesson top line (Valor, Specialist, Discretion) would be the No.1 choice. 2-nd place - TRP.


I can’t really help with a decision about which 1911 to buy other than to say that if you go with a solid base you already have a good 1911. At a later time you can decide to customize it, making it closer to what you want it to be.

For example, I really like front strap checkering, I hate arched mainspring housings. I love trigger guard undercuts. I prefer short triggers. I like high grip allowing beavertails, and as it turns out I really like Red Dot sights.

I don’t own any factory 1911s. I made my own.




By the way, 3 of the guns I posted pictures of are using Stan Chen Magwells. 2 of them are Gen1 and 1 is Gen 2. I highly recommend them as an upgrade. You get a magwell without extending the grip length, but the frame must be modified

I have enjoyed 1911’s ever since I was exposed to them in the military. It was our carry gun in the 80’s as Air Force OSI agents. Since my retirement many years ago I have become an American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) 1911 Pistolsmith and feel very good about working with them. By the way it is a hobby not a profession. I will try to attach photos of my favorites.



I just installed the Safety Fast System (SFS) from B H Spring and I really like it for a carry gun.




This is an amazing gun handling both 9mm and 22TCM with a quick bbl and spring change. The 22TCM leaves the bbl at 2000 fps.


This Llama was my first to experiment with i.e. finish, improved springs, trigger job etc. This post was fun and I hope you all like it.
BTW my 1st choice, the one I customized of course.