Your choice of 1911 45ACP


Hi Whoops,
Just curious if there are any specifics on this Kimber stuff your hearing. I have two Kimber 1911’s and love them both. One is my EDC. I’ve had them for several years now and shoot them frequently and have yet to have any issues whatsoever. Both are as accurate (or inaccurate) as I am.Take down is the only complaint I had initially bit there is a cool little tool available that I have several of and keep handy. (In my cleaning kit and in my truck.) Makes take down a snap.


The 1911 I own are-

  1. original colt Frankenstein, essex lower, original colt slide, Sig barrel.
  2. Springfield armory 1911 Factory Comp.
  3. Les Baer concept 3.
  4. Sig 1911 Scorpion.
  5. Kimber Grand Raptor 2.
    In my opinion the best bang for the buck and in this case the most accurate, I choose the Sig Scorpion. The real irony here is that it is not a 1911 due to the external claw extractor. the original 1911 design is a “torsion” extractor that is installed through the rear of the slide. the sig extractor is a copy of the old star model B.


After handling a lot of 1911’s at a recent NRA convention I would love to add a Les Baer to my safe. Have a Delta Elite and a 70 series but the Baer is like a solid piece of steel, I have no doubt it would meet my expectations.


You have a delta elite! Those are nice. I fixed up some scratches on one for a Buddy. If you like les Baer take a look at the HEMI. The wife wants one really bad.


Checked out the Boss and Premier really like the Boss


Para elite match


Have any of you guys ever tried Chip McCormick 8-round Power Mags for your 1911? I almost always Buy Wilson Combat mags, but a few years back I bought four of the McCormick mags. just found 4 brand new in the packaging in the back of my safe. while shooting at the range Saturday all 4 of them failed to feed the final round. looks to me that the followers are extending forward past where they should be causing final round to be at such an angle that it will not feed properly. anyone else experienced this or have I gotten four lemons?


Take them apart and see if the spring is in backwards. I seem to remember something like that had happened. That may or may not be the problem, but it’s worth a shot! Good luck Brother.


Oh yeah, i tore them apart immediately! There was nothing to keep the metal follower in place like the Kimber mags have.I will put a pic up later & show you.


Silver is McCormick mag & black is kimber mag. Notice kimber mag has downward tang to prevent follower from moving forward. You can see McCormick mag follower is over extended forward( which caused the jams) seems to inch out as mag feeds. I may try another follower if it’ll fit. Otherwise I’ll pitch them.



Yeah that looks suspect.


I had A Les Baer heavyweight, I paid $1800 for it. I dont care for 1911s anymore but it was a smooth shooter and built nicely. My buddy actually prefers it to his BCM Wilson combat 1911 now.



Does the Springfield Armory TRP have a full length guide rod?

How reliable is it?

How easy is it to take down and reassemble?



I have two Kimbers a Custom 2 stainless,Tactical Custom hD,and now a Ruger LW Commander all in 45ACP,the Ruger may take over as my EDC.


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Speaking of magazines, I picked two of these up on a whim, and I couldn’t have been more impressed for the price. ($9.95) Excellent reviews too. Who would have thought.