Your long range build


What is your longest range build? As I’m a big AR platform guy, I have two.

First up, a 6.5 Grendal. 20" barrel, ATIoutdoors handguard, stock, and grip, 80% lower, and a 3.5# drop in trigger from velocity triggers.

Next is a .50BMG, 30" barrel upper from McCutchen firearms, mag fed bolt action. Using a 80% single shot lower from Hellfire armory, LUTH-AR fixed length stock, and a ADCO BM330 scope from ADCOsales.


#1 Bushmaster BA50 .50BMG “before they where bought buy the freedom group” with a Leupold mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50.

#2 Savage 338 Lapua 110 FCP with SWFA 20x40.

#3 Sako TRG 22 in .308 WIN with IOR Valdada 4-14x50 tactical SF MP-8

#4 Many DMR rifle builds but not as Long range as these.


I have a Weatherby 6.5x300 on order, already have a EGW 20 MOA rail and a Bushnell Elite Tactical FFP 6x24 G2 scope to put on it…Had several 338 Lapua’s in the past, but wanted a lighter more packable rifle. I also have a S&W AR that I put a 20 inch Wilson Combat stainless fluted barrel and Timney 2 stage trigger. Only have about 50 rounds through it so far, it likes the Sierra 69 BTHP’s with TAC powder. Hopefully it will be a shooter along with the Weatherby.


Don’t have it built yet but I’m rather keen to build an AR chambered in .224 Valkyrie. Looks like fun.


Good order on the 6.5x300! sounds like a shoulder tenderizer. Good thing the Weatherby has a brake on it!


Hopefully it shoots good, I expect it to…


Mine is an AR based on a 6.5 Grendel.

Rifle is complete but I still need to select optics for it so I am almost there (suggestions are very welcome). The heart of the build is a Faxon (mid-length) 18" match-grade barrel with a Troy muzzle break nestled into a Rock River upper. The lower is a standard rifle-style, fixed stock build - save for the trigger, which is a 3.5 lb Hyperfire trigger.

Turned out very well even running BUIS alone… a real soda can killer inside 100 yards, even with old eyes!


Yep, my next build will be a Valkyrie. Right now I compete with a MK12 in 5.56 and it hits well out to 700yds using 77s but the idea of consistent 1000yd hits with the Valk is very appealing.


I saw sootch’s long range test with the .224 Valkyrie and was astounded by that little cartridge.

I’ll probably end up building one when we get our land out west and I’ll have the room for a long distance range on our property. That is assuming AR’s are still legal in a few years.


Does my .50 bmg build qualify as long range


Did you ever end up getting a Valkyrie?

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Nope, I still hope to get one. Guess now that I’ve added 2 new .50s to the list, I can look at something small again.


Hope to take my 224 long range shooting sometime, longest it’s been is 150 yards.


She needs to spread her wings.


@Tactical_Reviews definitely in the near future but still need to do some thorough research before I dive into building one yet!!


How’s the kick on that Valkyrie, @Belt-Fed?


It don’t have much, bout like a 223.


It is the same caliber as the .223, just higher velocity.

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I think the 224 is more accurate with the fusion ammo than my 6.5 Grendel. it only has an 18 inch barrel and the 224 a 20. I think the 6.5 would have more knockdown power on deer thou. I really don’t care for the fusion. gonna try something different in both of them. I don’t reload.

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Does anyone reload here? The reason why I ask, wanted to know if it was worth the investment with buying all the equipment and such (I have a lot to learn before I embark on the endeavor) I heard nowa days just cheaper to buy the ammo…donno though?