Your longest gun you own?


Not the oldest, but rather, the gun you own that you have had for the longest time.


My Mossberg 500. I’ve had it since I was 15 and I’m now almost 42.


My 1st gun from 9 or 10 years old(I’m 45 now😭) my dad bought me. Remington 700 bdl 30-06. Shortly after, we rebarreled it for 25-06. Scoped with an old Leupold 3×9.


I started late, im 50 and I’ve had my 30-30 since I was 25


Actually, the one I’ve had longest is the one my southern belle loves most…:wink:


My longest is 58" (44" barrel flintlock).

My longest owned is my Grandfather’s Remington Model 12 pump .22LR. Octagonal barrel and hooked buttplate. It’s the first firearm I ever shot. My Dad was born in 1912.

Though I also have an 1889 Remington shotgun that was my maternal Grandfather’s father’s. So I guess that takes it. I didn’t end up with it until my Grandpa died. The .22 LR was in hand sooner; my Dad had it before I was born and I “absorbed it” when I was 12. So . . . 46 years my rifle.

I also have the .45 ACP my Grandpa carried in WWI. He was a Lieut. and stayed in the Army of Occupation.

it’s loaded in my nightstand.


My second rifle that I received that was brand new right out of the box given to me by my father 44 years ago.

My 1974 Marlin 336 30-30 :heart_eyes:

It’s killed a lot pop cans, bottles, paper targets & wild game.

I’m very lethal with it, let me tell ya :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wife shooting it out to 300 yards back in June of this year.


I have a savage youth model .22 I got when I was 9. So 48 years. The oldest gun I own is my grandfather’s model 14r Remington made in 1919.


Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70 - owned for about 12 years.

Note: I revamped my gun collection for my 50th birthday. The Marlin Guide Gun (Stainless Steel), was the first acquisition for that birthday.


Grandad’s .22 became mine at 13.


A winchester model 37 20g single shot shotgun


1943 mosin. That thing is huge! Lol. If you mean have had the longest that would be my glock 23


A single shot .410 break open shotgun.

I got it when I turned 16. My grandad gave it to me - it was his and he got it when he turned 16.


Kinda surprised there’s no 10/22’s mentioned. Kinda expected that was most folks first gun.
It is mine. It was of course my dads that I started shooting as a kid. Still have it, but new stock and barrel and now the starter gun for the grandkids.


The 10/22 not only is a great first gun, it’s a great project gun.

Great for slowly upgrading and modifying as a shooter grows and changes.


I agree 100% . It’s the end all of .22 rifles. That little gun set the mark for .22 rifles. Ruger set the standard as far as I am concerned. I’ve NEVER, EVER heard anyone say a bad thing about it. I’m going to Sportsman’s Warehouse and by another one. Ever so often some one or some thing comes along and changes the game. Well, RUGER did just that with the 10\22.


The only Simi auto I have is a nylon 66.


Winchester Model 9422 XTR, which was a gift for my 13th birthday. It was the first gun that was actually mine…not Dad’s. I will never forget the moment I opened the box.


Glenfield/Marlin 75c: carbine version of the Marlin 60.
First real gun I ever owned, bought for me by my dad back in 1981…(from a Yellow Front store for those of you who remember) he picked the gun up off the display stand, grabbed a brick of cartridges, walked up to the register, paid cash and we walked out and went shooting.
One of my most memorable days…he let me ditch school that day, and we went shooting out by a reservoir near town. Afterwards he took me wheeling in our 78 Jeep Cherokee Chief.
I’ve loved guns, wheeling and ditching school ever since :grin:.


That’s an awesome rifle for a teen. :cowboy_hat_face: