Your Prediction

On a serious note, No derail…Where do you think the 2nd Amendment, Gun parts including 80% parts will be one year from now ?

Hopefully one year from now we will all be around to see who was right.


Depends if the supreme court takes any big cases we may be ok. If Biden keeps it up it will be forced on them…so I don’t know. The socialists are pushing as hard as possible to disarm us while they have the house, Senate and kings throne so we are seeing them at full power politically.


80% will be gone, and if we roll over all of the 2nd will be gone.they will do away with everything except maybe bolt action rifles and pump shotguns. they won’t stop either until it’s done.

All online sales of everything gun related will be history. don’t think they can do it? hell look around they are already erasing history and putting in place what they want our children to learn. ask some young people if they think the washington riots were wrong and what BLM and antifa has done is right. more than half won’t even know about their deal. the news don’t tell that.

The ONLY way we will ever retain what we have is with bloodshed. is there enough to make it happen. i doubt it very seriously.


I think there will be some gain/loss as far as SCOTUS rulings, biden will posture a lot. but I don’t think the demorats will get much of anything passed gun wise, they are too hot on multi-trillion so called rebuild America bills and dividing up the loot. A year from now we will all be suffering tax wise with everything costing more, I can see 2022 midterms being swept by Republicans.


They cheated in several elections and got away with it, they stood back and let a bunch of thugs destroy complete cities and never done a thing, but when our side protested, they hunted em down like dogs and arrested them and got away with it. why would them changing the constitution be any different. i have no faith or trust in our corrupt government.


My faith is waning for sure and has been, I think Trump’s SCOTUS appointments will be our saving grace at least up until midterms. I tell myself that, but won’t hold my breathe. Private person to person sales I can see will be running high for a long time, biden/ATF can’t control that regardless of whatever they write down on paper.


What does it matter in the grand scheme, the 2a is only meant for a season

after that season comes the harvest

A year from now?

Well they do go by quick don’t they,

Praise God for it too

Just hold it together people, keep the faith, wait for the time and we’ll Send them screaming back through their hell’s own gate.

Don’t mind adding that if you think I’ll hand over mine

Never had much problem with

Even with the

What do you say, border line?


More like of epic proportion. :rofl:


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I think Biden will sign some executive orders that will not be enforceable. The propasals will not be what was expected because they know they will not hold up in court…for now. Obama made extreme promises for EOs as well. They did not materialize. I believe that the antigun do not outnumber the pro gun, especially with the reported new gun owners. Hopefully, they understand the true power of the firearms.


Biden is posturing now (look what I’m doing) for the extreme left that is crying about recent events. Hopefully SCOTUS doesn’t let us down if these EO’s get to them. 80% build ads are plentiful now because retailers don’t want to get stuck with them if that one ends up like bump stocks and makes the ban list then back to courts. Biden will try for more later second term, if inflation isn’t the norm and if he lives. Gun show sales are already on the books just hard to enforce the paperwork. I think they will keep chipping way at small items for ar builds or, try some of California laws, ammo limits included. If I have to pick, 80% will have to have serial numbers or be banned by the end of the year.

@ArmedEyeDoc I don’t have much faith in the new gun owners being much help. IMO new gun owners will be to much of a, if they go after yours but not mine I’m ok with it. Sadly I have seen this even with hunters at a local level, hound hunters not everyone agrees with it and has been banned (in areas) because of a lack of unity.


I don’t see EO’s holding up


They hold up for anyone who has taken an oath to the office they originate from…


anyone who believes in them oath or not


I have no faith in scotus. Get ready to enter illegal territory.