Your preferences for a handgun light?

Good afternoon,
I purchased a Sig Sauer P320 Compact about 6 months ago. This is my EDC and would use it as my duty weapon when working security. I am thinking about purchasing a light for it.
I understand that it comes down to personal preferences in the end but thought I would ask for suggestions on which to go with. I know you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your gear. I will be saving money for it but I’m also looking for an inexpensive reliable one as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Simply can’t go wrong with Crimson Trace, Stream Light or Veridian. I will tell you his I wish I would’ve gotten a Veridian x5L. But I had already purchased my Crimson Trace.


I use surefire xc1 for my Carry gun. It’s a great light Especially for conceal carry because it doesn’t protrude out the front of my gun which is a Glock 19. Since I carry appendix that was a concern for me. The only drawback on this light is it doesn’t have a great hot spot. It’s more of a flood. To light up the whole area. Which is nice too. But if they concentrated the hot spot a bit more I would be stoked.

If your carrying outside of waistband or open carry. I would get the surefire x300 or inforce.

I highly recommend carrying a light on your gun and also a secondary handheld light.

FYI i reallly like streamlight flashlights. However their TLR 1 weapon light. Needs an upgrade for the switch. It is to easy to press and a lot of people press it by mistake. Which could Be a disaster in certain places. Could blow your mission or get you killed. Just depends on situation


I carry concealed so no light on my gun, but do have a pocket flashlight (Streamlight).

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For cost to quality, Streamlight has always been my go-to for flashlights, hand held or weapon mounted. Surefire comes second due to often higher price tags, but their quality is top notch. I have their hand held lights but not their mounted ones. Others I have less experience with, but seems like going with industry standards versus the myriad of other brands saves you time and money unless you’re the type to own a ton of this sort of thing. I only own two mounted lights and 4 hand held, all from Streamlight or Surefire. I’ve had others, but only these are still left after many years.

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Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light.

I can operate the light with my left hand thumb, which leaves my trigger finger to focus on the trigger.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I settled on the Streamlight TLR-1 HL. I really like it a lot. Thanks again


TLR 1 HL. My department has been using TLRs for years with very few problems once Streamlite went to an aluminum body and we carry these attached to our duty pistols so they get banged around and are exposed to wet and cold conditions. When shooting use the outside serrations to activate the light otherwise you could lose a fingernail under recoil. Clean the lens, it gets carbon sooted quickly, so I use a bore cleaner on a soft patch immediately after night shoots and a painters tape cover during daylight shooting. Hope this helps.


Had some Cabela’s gift cards so I just bought a TLR 1 HL.

Are these one of or the most durable with this sort of high lumen # for this price range? There was so many lights I got a little lost and chose the one with the best rating and had the highest lumens in my price range. I’ll probably use this on the PS90 and if I like it get one for my Canik and AR.

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Light installed. Works out very well on the PS90. It’s pretty damn bright too. The hotspot is brighter and more focused than the 1,000 lumen light I’ve got on the AR.

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