Your two 9mm pistols and two 5.56 rifles of choice


IWI Jericho 941 F9 & Lionheart Regulus
PWS MK118 Mod-2M & IWI X95 18,5" version


That’s a hard choice. I love shooting all mine but my favorite to shoot no doubt at all are both CZ’s…They are very accurate firearms. My CZ 75B and My CZ P07…Carrying the P07 is great also as it’s about comparable to a Glock 19. Best thing about both is that the P07 will work with full size CZ 75 magazines also. Close third my Glock 17. Rifles I only have one 5.56 it’ s a Bushmaster heavy barrel M4 style. My other I would grab first over any other is My Springfield M1A1 match grade barrel regular walnut stock.


Glock model 17, and CZ SP-01 Tactical for pistols.
BCM M4 BFH lite, and POF 415 heavy for the rifles.


It isn’t fancy, or tacti-kool, but I’m going pretty generic with my choices: Two (2) matching BCM carbines (mid-16), and two (2) Glock 19’s (early/frying pan/Tenifer gen 3’s). Interchangeable, wide availability of parts, and utterly reliable.


*Star BM 9mm
*Walther PPQ 9mm

*Pretty much any AR in 5.56, don’t really care (would rather have a .223 Wylde barrel so I can shoot both .223 and 5.56 accurately)
*Mossberg MVP Bolt action 5.56


CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
CZ P-10C
CZ 527

There seems to be a trend there…


CZ 75b

Colt SP 01
HK 91-- yeah I know but 1 5.56 was enough, They’re only .Big .22’s
No offense, just a little am jocularity :grinning:


No no no, the AR15 is the master race of combat rifles.


Sig 229, Sig 320.
Daniel Defense M4V11… Yea, thats really the only 5.56 rifle I need. If I had to choose another, I’d probably grab an Arsenal SLR106FR, only because it can’t be the SAM7SF.