YouTube alternatives for non-firearm content

Since Full30 is supposed to be the center for streaming fireram related content what are the other sites out there to publish and use for all other types of content? We need to get away from youtube as quickly as possible. Right now as we speak I am moving all of my videos off youtube and on to BitChute and I will begin posting some firearm related stuff there at some point until I get enough “street cred” for full30. :cowboy_hat_face:

Lets get a list going. @Robert, feel free to chime in if this is worthy of a sticky if and when others participate to get this list more filled out.

The list, sorry my knowledge is lacking so I could use some help here.

BitChute = Everything
Dailymotion = Everything (?)
Twitch = Video Games
Vimeo = Everything
banned (dot) video = censored content


I let popularity judge stickiness unless its a rule or other important item,

(insert sticky stuff joke here)

We can wiki your post for people to add to the list

However there are a ton of video platforms, a ton

the newest I’d mention is


Is there a good youtube alternative for automotive related content?

BitChute seems to be the most viable general youtube replacement, but it’s growing kind of slowly. I still end up watching a lot of car stuff and making/craftsman videos on youtube.

I’ve uploaded some of my car stuff to Bitchute, but I haven’t put much effort into a presence there… I probably should.