YouTube and second adpoacalypse


YouTube is now being attacked by perverts, around 400 channels have been deleted due to ill content about children in Youtubers comments. As a result, Youtubers are becoming demonetized or channel completely being removed because advertisers are pulling out, significant supporters like McDonald’s and Disney. They are calling in the second Adpocalypse, might be a good scenario for this platform!! The second topic is regarding this platform, is there anything in place if this scenario where to happen on this platform. This maybe a good learning experience.


F*** YT, Google and their PC bullshit.

What advertisers?
I get none. I run ad blocker plus.


@mjrfd99 I came across a couple of Youtubers the past couple of days but here is a few. They explained it well


Also, how does Facebook and google allow companies like Vedder Holsters and we the people Holsters run ads on their but when I try to they state “this ad may not run because it promotes sales of firearms or ammo” I don’t sell anything, just trying advertise my cause…:roll_eyes:


Those companies PAY for their ads on FB that’s why they get a pass. It’s all about the money.
I’ve been all in on electronic assassination of lefturd lies [e-mail, posts, reviews etc… ] of all anti gun assholes. Advertise in our libsuk fake news paper— your getting a communication that basically says politely “F U because you advertise in fake news.” $$$HURT THEM$$$
From dnc scum to corporations who support gun control and illegal criminals - pi$$ on them any way you legally can.


I’m putting a lot of faith in this platform to pave new ways in viewing the second amendment as a right and not a privilege. I am new to being an American but I would defend this great country and it’s principals of freedom, that why I am here!! I urge producers on YouTube to promote Full30 by channeling the advertisers here. We would all benefit by being able to post videos on this platform!


Screwtube can burn to the ground, and I hope they do. Their plan to deal with issues is to blow away everything with a punt gun without even looking at what’s being shot. They’re destroying their own platform while trying to save it. Fakebook is no different. I lost my ability to boost posts or run ads because I posted a keychain that was sold on a site that also sold knives. But running ads for amazon is fine, even though they sell knives.

The problem with a site such as this one taking up the slack IMO is this. One, growing too fast will cause server issues as well as bandwidth costs over running ad revenue. Two, not having manpower to deal with new channels or demand. Lastly, we need to ensure sites such as F30 do not get channels not needed here. IMO, we don’t need children’s channels, nor do we need ten million gamer channels. F30 has the final say, but I believe this should be firearms, hunting, survival, prepping, outdoors, and education/safety/training.


Totally agree. If we keep it that way, our advertisers will not be conflicted in any way.




Me too. I just wish that some of the big name channels would post more on Full30. I realize that many of the big YouTube producers also have Full30 channels, but some are posting far less content here. So, I still need to rely on screwtube if I want to see their latest videos.


I agree with you @Tactical_Reviews, but us small timers still have to rely on YouTube to gain popularity…I’m utilizing it as learning platform so when we are able to post on here it won’t be crap!!


Amen to what you are saying! I grew up when We were considered the melting pot and proud to be here and contribute.