YouTube Anti-Gun Agenda


Once again, we are being punished for the actions of criminals! Welcome to our world!


I went all out on my channel to ensure all external links were removed and we followed all TOS. For my effort youtube didn’t delete my channel. They did however suspend my adSense account for 30 days, so no ad income. Yesterday the 30 days was up, so I’m out that money. On top of that, the froze my funds for 60 days. I guess even following their TOS isn’t enough. That’s why I’m pulling out of YT and only putting live streams there. No new videos. Still waiting to get approved here, but in the mean time, I’ve started using a 2A friendly site to transfer all my videos over in case they pull my plug.


Wow man, that sucks. The video game community is also being hit hard. I don’t know where I’m going to move my channel… while I don’t monetize my videos since I’m such a small channel I still would love to say FU to youtube.


UGEtube is doing fantastic.


…What do you mean?