YouTube Butchering the 1st Amemdment too!

I just learned that YouTube is targeting and removing many firearms videos in response to the Florida shooting. Again, us lawful citizens and gun owners are being demonized and punished for people that have committed crimes. So, YouTube is attacking both the First AND Second Amendments! This insanity has to stop! We have to stop rolling over and letting these liberal idiots walk all over us and treat us as criminals. As a member of the NRA, we need to unite and fight this injustice. YouTube and Facebook are already targets and if this continues, more will follow. Pretty soon, the first and second amendments will be butchered and we, as law abiding citizens will be paying the price.


That’s why i came here. To hell with youtube. I would rather see this site flourish as a result of their stupidity. That being said, administrators here need to get on the ball.


YouTube, Facebook, and etc are private organizations … aka businesses. You want to stick it to them or show them your disgust? Vote with your actions and refrain from going there and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to do the same and move on to other organizations.

If we the clear thinking people who want to keep our liberty and live life accordingly don’t start to take action this will persist. There is a great need for a legitimate competitor to these left wing social engineering platforms and I cannot imagine why this has not been taken advantage of yet.


It stands for social justice warrior


Google services are anti gun. Its hard to cut off google completly, but alternatives are everywhere and gaining popularity. If they push all gun channels out, they will have serious issues keeping afloat especially If another company offers video sharing, email, and search engine support but is pro freedom.


YouTube, Facebook and the internet are not subject to the Constitution. They are private firms. Just how do you extend prohibitions on government actions to private firms?