YouTube channel denied access to this site!


I watch Buffalo’s Outdoors on YouTube and he’s having the same issues that all YouTube gun channels are having so I suggested he come here to Full30… A safe and ‘FRIENDLY’ gun video hosting site. Imagine my surprise when he told me that 1st, it’s by invitation only and 2nd, He actually did ask to be able to post videos here and was ‘DENIED’…?? What the hell guys! I thought we where past all this!!


This forum looks to be abandoned, maybe they don’t want new people adding videos as Full30 is going to be flushed later.


Thanks for the response… This seemed to be the only way I could see to get ahold of anyone of consequence at Full30… When you say “flushed”, what do you mean exactly?


OK… it seems that Full30 was created to be to be a well know site for videos and this forum, but it seems like it has been forgotten, and management has went on to other sites. I can’t say for sure, but this site may cease to exist at some point.


I second that. Tim made a huge mistake by needlessly pulling the plug on the old military arms channel board. That was a solid, nice, tight knit online community. There was no reason whatsoever to kill it off. Full30 imho never gained any real traction and has flopped as far as I’m concerned.


It does seem that you’re right Minuteman… Most of the new stuff I’m seeing from Tim lately is coming in as preview vids from Patreon to YouTube… I heard that others are using Patreon as a way to avoid the viewing loss by previewing there before it gets published to YouTube… Anywho, thanks for setting me straight on this stuff… I’ll pass it along to my friend at Buffalo’s Outdoors…


Which board was closed?


Exactly that one. It was Tim’s initial forum. Before Full30 and before The Bang Switch. The MAC Forums was the best online gun community EVER. (Are you reading this Tim? I beg you, bring it back. Face it man, TBS and Full30 both flopped).