Youtube Channel Gun Nuts Media

Is he here? You’re fucking pathetic. He had to shut comments off in his video trashing Paul Harrell and revolvers. This site needs a section for bad reviews. Don’t send people there to down vote his video. He should not get clicks.

I don’t know either. And I sure as hell won’t move to Oregon.

He comes off as a PX soldier…if he ever even was one.


I watched Paul’s rebuttal video.
I had never heard of gunnutz or seen any of the videos.
Refuse to go looking because i will not support that person or their channel.
But from the clip in Paul’s rebuttal, and Paul’s observation itself, it seems like the person in question was on an alcohol fueled rant.
Said stupid things.
Could not figure out how to appologize.
So doubled down on being an as$hole.

I have been guilty of doubling down on being an as$hole myself.
You build your ego up so high.
Then you say or do something that is harmful to someone else.
You are so horrified at your behavior you can’t deal with it so you climb back into the bottle and try and rationalize it to yourself.
Eventually you either come clean, appologize.
Or you just become a total As$hole any time it gets brought up.

Now I never made disparaging claims about a man’s military record.
But I have wrongly called others liars.

I don’t know if that is what happened here.
Really, just reacting to a person who has given so much time and knowledge; Paul Harrell, i am angry because he got hurt.
Though he obviously doesn’t need my sympathy or help expressing himself judging by his rebuttal.

I hope the gunutz guy can come to terms with himself.
Issue an apology.
But it wont keep me awake at night if he does not.


I hadn’t either but went to see what the hub bub was,

my take on what I seen was an insincere statement

reminds me of all the musicians who feud

feuding for dollars

Is this what firearms has become

Desperate gunners of 90210 :unamused:


He probably just did it to get a buzz and views. Paul “The Truth” Harrell is the man.


Even if I saw his channel, I do not watch stuff where someone calls themselves a gun nut.
More ammo for the other side.
Besides any nut that down talks revolvers, should have his taken away for being mentally defective.


Has anyone noticed that, on just about any subject, knowledge seems to trail opinions?


I don’t know who he is, never heard of him. That is part of why I asked here. Many know to come here.